Taxi driver Zhao Ming was grumpy. On this day, he suddenly received a call from his son Xiaoguang. Xiaoguang cried on the phone: “Dad, I am at the door of the school, someone beats me!”
   Zhao Ming Anxious, drove to the school after a few minutes of driving. At first glance, Xiaoguang was wrestling with a child who was almost tall. Zhao Ming was furious, so good boy, you dare to bully my son! He jumped out of the car, came to the two children in a few steps, pushed the child hard, and the child sat on the ground with a big wow. Cry.
  Zhao Minggang wanted to reprimand a few words, feeling that the figure in front of him flashed, and then he was punched in the chest. At first glance, Zhao Ming was a swarthy man. The man was angry and shouted at Zhao Ming: “Why are you hitting my son!” It turned out that the father of the child was here.
   Zhao Ming was not willing to show his weakness: “Why should your son beat my son!” You shouted at me, and the two twisted into a ball. It was not until the police arrived that they pulled the two apart. Looking at these two fathers, it is really terrible, the two men are covered in blood. The police had to stand between the two to understand the situation.
  They are talking about their own reasons and arguing, and suddenly heard the sound of laughter from behind. Zhao Ming turned his head and looked at it, Xiaoguang was holding the neck and shoulders with the kid who had just fought, and smiled at them. He was stunned for a moment, and asked, “Xiaoguang, you…” Xiaoguang and the child smiled slyly, saying, “We didn’t fight at all, we pretended to show you!” The people present were stunned.
  Zhao Ming asked angrily: “Why do you do this?” Xiaoguang lowered his head and said in aggrieved manner: “Dad, you have a bad temper, beat me if you can’t, but I can’t beat you.” Said, he The child who fought with him with one finger: “Xiaoliang and I are classmates, and his father often beats him. So, together, we pretend to fight and cheat you, just to let you taste the fight!”