Lai Zhongliang is a small boss, nicknamed “Laipi”. He always borrows money and does not pay it back. When Lai has more than one account, the accumulation is very impressive.
   There is a migrant worker named Xiao Han. He worked for Lai Pi for half a year, but by the end of the year, Lai Pi owed him two thousand dollars.
   Xiaohan came to Lai Pi’s house that day and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and wife Lai Pi looked at Xiao Han and asked, “Who are you looking for? Zhongliang has gone abroad.” He was about to close the door. Xiao Han quickly said: “Are you the sister of Mr. Lai Zhongliang?” Xiao Han said seriously: “That’s it. I saw Mr. Lai shopping with you that day. Afterwards, I asked who was Mr. Lai? He said you were his sister. .”
  Laipi’s wife’s suspicion is getting heavier and he opened the door to let Xiaohan enter the house. Xiao Han walked into the house with a big swing and said to his wife Lai Pi: “That’s it! A year ago, Mr. Lai rented my house and owed me a year’s rent. I found him for a long time, but I didn’t find it. Asking his wife, his wife said she didn’t care about these things and asked for money, so she asked Mr. Lai for it. Just now, I happened to see that Mr. Lai came to you and caught up with her.”
  Wife Laipi’s face grew more and more The more ugly, she stared at Xiao Han and asked: “You mean, Lai Zhongliang rented your house, and there is a wild woman living in it. Isn’t that the case?” Xiao Han hurriedly argued: “Can’t say she is a wild woman, The family is Mr. Lai’s wife. The relationship between the two is so good that both of them put their hands on the street.”
  Laipi’s wife was pale and suddenly picked up a kitchen knife from the kitchen and ran to the big wardrobe and howl Shouted: “Hey, Reipi, you’re here!” Laipi’s wife grabbed Reipi’s hair, pulled him out, and lifted the kitchen knife to cut it. Lai Pi knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.
   Xiaohan shouted in horror: “Mr. Lai, is your sister crazy? I’ll go outside and call the police!”
   Soon after arriving downstairs, there was a loud bang in the back, and Lai Pi ran stumbled over. When he saw Xiao Han, he begged: “Xiao Han, I have served you, money, I am I’ll give it back to you, but you have to go back and explain it to my wife—” Lai Pi took a handful of money out of his pocket and counted it for Xiao Han.
Behind Lai Pi, his wife chased along with a kitchen knife…