“Euthanasia” refers to dying without pain and sorrow under the stimulation of drugs-inscription

“It is said that the highest state of “euthanasia” was developed by a court doctor in the middle of the Tang Dynasty. It is a “dark fragrance” olfactory drug. It can make people lose their hearing and vision, but at the same time they can produce hallucinations-seeing things they did not know before they died and want to know. And they also have the effect of not decaying the dead body after death. It is said that the “dark incense” is made from hundreds of precious medicinal herbs such as blood ginseng on the high mountain and silt under the deep sea. It becomes a black solid and emits a faint fragrance after being lit. It is extremely precious and was only used by the emperor at that time.”Read At this point, Lanxi laughed inexplicably: “What! This is too fake?”

“Continue reading, decent point, I will use it to write the thesis.” I gently Patted her naughty little head.

“Oh.” Lanxi turned a page and continued: “At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the formula of’Dark Incense’ was stolen, so Emperor Li Yu was furious and beheaded the suspicious attendant maid and thieves in various counties and counties. Countless, and ultimately failed to retrieve the recipe…”

As a college specializing in “Ancient Chinese History”, I was extremely curious about this kind of thing, and it was because of this curiosity that drove me to treat ancient times History has the same passion as always.

Lanxi is my hair style and my dry sister. She specializes in ancient Chinese literature at school, and these things that I do not enter the mainstream do not enter her elegant room.

Lanxi is gentle and considerate, empathetic, lively and cheerful, pure and beautiful. It also has a good hand of poetry and good hand painting. It is really versatile. Whether in ancient or modern times, it is hard to find in the world. Strange girl!

“Oh, if there is such a thing, would you use it?” I stared at her flawless face and asked half-jokingly.

“If there really is it? Uh…” Lanxi thought for a moment, and continued: “If the death is very painful, I still want to use it! I can still see things I didn’t know during my lifetime. How nice!” Lanxi glanced at the phone and continued: “I and Jun made an appointment for dinner at six o’clock. I should go. Do you want to go together?” www.guidaye.com
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“I haven’t finished writing my paper, please go!” I said while pointing at the mouse aimlessly, my eyes facing the computer screen, but my eyes didn’t know where I wanted to fall.

Jun is Lanxi’s boyfriend, they have been together for more than a year. Jun also specializes in “Chinese ancient history.” Because we had disagreements before publishing academic papers, and then gradually found it as satire and insult, our relationship has never been resolved from hostility to friends. Even if there is Lanxi in the middle to pull the line and discourage, we have not compromised with the other party because of the principle.

There are not many people who can attract Lanxi. Jun has a strong family background, hisFather is the deputy director of the Institute of Ancient Chinese History. This also laid the foundation for him to become the president of the student union. His handsome appearance and unrestrained personality are even more popular among school girls.

Whenever I see the kind of happiness and joy when Lanxi is with him, whenever I see other girls throwing envious glances at Lanxi, I think I am worth it no matter what. Yes, I have liked Lanxi since I was a child, but I have never told her.

Lanxi learned to smoke, and still spit clouds and fog in front of my eyes to show her proficiency in smoking.

I took the smoke from her hand and shouted loudly: “Who taught you?”

In my eyes, Lanxi is so clever and so sensible, she is not like this People who are willing to fall.

Lanxi started like a child who did something wrong and shouted to me after hearing what I said: “I learned it myself! Why do you control me?” So she ran away .

I threw a cigarette with a strong pungent smell on the ground and stamped it out with my feet. Compared with the aroma, cigarettes make me feel sick. I know that Jun changed her, and I know only Jun can change her.