It was a night not long ago, I was bored, turned on the computer, and was ready to chat with my friends to pass the time. While browsing the information of friends, I inexplicably found a strange name called “To the river splashing soup” I was wondering, “Pour soup into the river” and I started a conversation, “Shall we not go to Yanlin’s party tonight?”, Yanlin? Oops, I said why is it boring, right, going to Yanlin’s house to attend her party, Yanlin will go to the south with her boyfriend to go into the world tomorrow, and ask us to get together, I didn’t have much time to think about it. “Meng Pang Tang” said a friend, I have something to do, and I will chat with you again, bye. He hurriedly turned off the computer and hurried out to stop the taxi.

I came to the street, probably because I just came out of the light, I haven’t seen things for a long time, and when I adjusted to the darkness, I happened to find that the road stopped A strange taxi. The car has sharp edges and colorful bodies. The rental signs on it are still bright and green. I am looking at the license plate number. (I have the habit of remembering the license plate number at night. I often go out. Most people do)) The driver in the car greeted me: friend, do you want to go to Nanping? I said casually, and I couldn’t help opening the door to get in the car, but I couldn’t open it anymore. I was wondering. The driver stood beside me silently and took the door away, asking me Go in. Can the door be taken down? I was a bit suspicious of this car, and I felt even more lost. After all, safety is more important than Mount Tai. I turned my head and wanted to tell the driver that I didn’t want to take his car anymore, but I turned my head and found a gray face with a wooden face and said to me, it’s okay, go up, As soon as his hand pushed, I felt something hard touching myself. With a strange feeling, I got into his car.

Now I think about the situation at that time. Since I got into the car, it seemed like I was dreaming. I just felt blurry in front of my eyes and my head was groggy; how long was it then? I can’t remember, the only thing I can remember is that the driver got out of the car, took down the door again, told me to arrive, and glanced at his face, the cold feeling hit again, I took the money and prepared Paying for the ride, but the man stopped with cold hands and said no, he couldn’t spend it. In order to express his gratitude, he was willing to give me some money, talking, and holding a few banknotes in the other hand. Cypriot gave it to me, and I was about to leave when I turned around. I was wondering. The man turned to me and said that you should drive the car first. I just “splash soup on the river”.

When I was fully awake, there were many people around me, as well as the police, I was puzzled, and a policeman came to ask me, you are Yu Jiping? With whom is the poisonous hand under Yan Lin? I was shocked, and quickly explained that I was a good friend with Yanlin, and there was no injustice, and I was at his party yesterday. What happened to Yanlin? The police told me that at ten o’clock last night, someone called Yanlin on my mobile phone and said that something happened to me, on the edge of Dongguang Lake; Yanlin let friends and boyfriends