He has been muddled in the past few days. Three days ago, his mother died of cancer rescue.

On this day, his family of three sat at the only small dining table at home and drank without the joy and laughter of the past. Suddenly, there was a strange wind in the house, and then there were three strange shadows outside the door. The two sides can be seen indistinctly, as if it is a bull’s face from hell. The family of three saw this scene, and the whole body trembled, and they all felt frightened by what they had done, and they clung together in fear.

The door opened with a click. “Mom!” he blurted out, his mother who died three days ago. His wife and son screamed in fear, although this is his familiar mother, but after all, this is a dead person, he could not help but retreat.

“Mom, we never did anything that apologized to you before you died, why come back, don’t I do much to you?”
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“Don’t be afraid” Then his mother said, “I just want to come back to have the last supper with you, and I will leave immediately after eating.”
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When he heard this, his wife presented a bowl of rice for his mother. The old man who had died gradually walked toward the kitchen with his meal…because his family was not very wealthy. The table is not very large. Before the old man died, she often went to the kitchen to hold a small bowl and ate her quietly for three meals, but she never complained. www.guidaye.com

The three of them also continued to eat, but it was uncomfortable to eat, as if forced to eat by others.

The little son remembered his grandmother who loved him the most and couldn’t help but want to eat with his grandmother who had become a ghost at this time, but he was stopped by him, fearing that the dead mother would harm they. Seeing this scene, the old man didn’t do anything, still eating the small bowl of white rice quietly there.

Gradually, they didn’t have any fear of this deceased relative, and remembered the life of the old man and the old man. They both went to work and had no time to take care of their children. Mother takes care of her children carefully, cleaning and tidying the house. While they were off work, hot meals were waiting for them. Thinking of this, the couple’s heart felt guilty for the elderly.

He took his wife and son to the kitchen and ate with his deceased mother.

“The kitchen is very small, you should go to the restaurant to eat. Well, time is up, I will go.” The old man slowly stood up and walked out of the door alone… …

This is true for many people, and they don’t know how to cherish until they are lost.