In the course of the industry, it has a small-scale but the world’s highest level of processing technology. Even if Japanese semiconductor manufacturers lose the number one position in the world, small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of semiconductor materials and semiconductor manufacturing equipment still maintain the world’s highest level of technology and occupy a high share of the world.

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In the manufacturing technology of semiconductors and engines, the development of each process needs to work hard on creativity, and once the technology is mature, the same product can be manufactured according to the prescribed work flow. Those who are suitable for continuing to do this kind of work may be stubborn people who are unable to communicate. Japan is technically superior to Europe and the United States not because of good brains, but because of the almost stubborn “serious” attitude to repeat the same job.

The shortcoming of China is that even though it can design original semiconductors and engines, it lacks factories that can actually manufacture such high-tech products. What should China do if it wants to become a manufacturing powerhouse? First, how about trying to challenge Michelin Samsung? It is the first to prepare detailed recipes of delicious dishes that are also recognized by the French, train chefs across the country, and follow the recipes to fully reproduce the dishes. If Michelin also approves, it is estimated that there will be more and more Samsung restaurants in China.

According to the design drawings, if the industrial culture that can produce products homogeneously anytime and anywhere takes root in China, the manufacturing capacity of engines and semiconductors will be significantly improved. By then, China will undoubtedly become a manufacturing powerhouse. The price may be that the Chinese have become like the Japanese, becoming brainless, inflexible, and uninteresting.

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