The girl cherishes her face the most. If you don’t believe it, ask, which girl wouldn’t be nervous about her face?

Xiaoqi admits that she is unfortunate, and she has a face that is “no one is close to me”. A big red birthmark stretches her teeth and claws on her face. It’s nothing short of that.

Xiaoqi was worried and worried about this birthmark for a while, because this birthmark, big companies don’t want her. Actually, isn’t she afraid of embarrassing her company and discrediting her image?

Xiaoqi can’t stand it anymore, she asks home and abroad, and runs around all day long.

Kung Fu paid attention to her, and finally let her ask.

The man gave her a bottle of water and asked her to wipe her face with it twice a day.

Xiaoqi did exactly the same.

Finally, one day, the birthmark is gone! Xiaoqi’s family was jubilant……

And Xiaoqi, who was thousands of miles away, suddenly discovered that he had a big birthmark on his originally clean face.

She didn’t know what she did, and it became like this.

Carefully recalling, she suddenly remembered the bottle of mineral water that the mysterious man bought from her with two hundred dollars a few days ago…

Xiaoqi started running around, looking for a remedy.

She found it. She got a bottle of water…