Can I still drink fermented milk after expiration< /p>

Everyone is familiar with fermented milk, whether it is a child or an adult in daily life , I prefer to drink fermented milk drinks, which taste better than yogurt. If you drink fermented milk for a long time, you can also relieve the symptoms of constipation, but the shelf life of this kind of drink is relatively short. So, can I still drink fermented milk after it expires?

You cannot drink fermented milk when it expires. Do not drink some expired fermented milk yogurt, yogurt is rich in living bacteria, which is beneficial to human health. If you drink expired fermented milk yogurt, the live bacteria contained in it are naturally dead, which will not only cause no health benefits, but also cause certain harm.

Fermented milk is a kind of milk and dairy products. It is an acid milky drink formed by fermentation under the action of some characteristic bacteria. Such beverages must be consumed within the shelf life, and there will be a large amount of live bacteria during the shelf life. If you drink fermented milk after the expiry date, it will cause diarrhea for people with poor digestion.

The main function of fermented milk is to inhibit the growth and reproduction of some spoilage bacteria in the intestinal tract, which is very useful for people with constipation and bacterial diarrhea. Good prevention and treatment. The organic acids contained in fermented milk can promote gastrointestinal motility and secretion of gastric juice, and can overcome milkSugar intolerance is of great benefit to the human body.