My friend opened a company and asked me to be the vice president. Naturally, the remuneration is three times my current salary. My friend said, you immediately quit and come and help me. The company just opened and needed manpower. I thought about it for a few nights, and decided to quit this comfortable but invisible job and help my friends create a career together.
   The next day, I put my resignation application on the boss’s desk. The boss immediately showed an unhappy look: “I’m not treating you badly?” I said, “No. Boss, you treat me very well.” “That is because I don’t pay my salary?” I frankly said: “Boss, I My work is only worth so much, I know. But people go high and low, I want to earn more money to support my family.” The boss stared at me for a while and laughed: “If you seek another job, I should You’re happy. It’s just that there have been a lot of work lately, so I really can’t miss you. Let’s put your resignation application with me first, and I’ll approve you when I’m done.”
   It’s useless to say more. I turned around and walked out of the boss’s office, thinking to myself, I believe it is indispensable to say that there is more work? Isn’t it just because I’m not happy about my job hopping? My guess is correct. The boss’s secretary is my fellow. The next day, she secretly told me that she heard the boss talking to himself: “Huh, if someone else pays more money than me, they will fire me! I just want to get stuck and not let you go. “I thought to myself, why is the boss so careful?
  ’s resignation was put on hold. I don’t want to lose one month’s salary, and I don’t want to leave the company without authorization to compensate the liquidated damages, but there is nothing to do with the boss, and he didn’t say no.
   A few days later, my boss still refused to approve my resignation application. I started to think. Let your friend hire another vice president. The company just opened a lot of things to deal with, and for a while, I was afraid that I would not be able to resign, so as not to mistake him.
   Unexpectedly, the boss called me to his office the next day, threw my resignation application to me, and said, “Don’t you want to resign? I approved it. Now that you have a chance to find another job , I can’t delay your future. By the way, by the way, your friend just called and asked me to tell you that his company has something wrong and closed down. Let you not resign!” After speaking, he looked at me and smiled gleefully. I was stunned for a moment. How could this happen? Didn’t I go through the air?
   After completing the resignation procedures, when I walked out of the company gate in frustration, I suddenly saw my friend parked on the side of the road waiting for me. I was angry: “You kid deliberately harmed me? Don’t tell me when the company goes bankrupt, tell my boss, I won’t have to do my job here!”
   Friends are not upset, haha ​​big He smiled and said: “Who said that my company closed down? Didn’t your boss deliberately prevent you from resigning? If I didn’t call him, can I get you to be the vice president of my company so quickly?”