Yuanmei is a gold medal trainer of a fitness club. She is young and lively, gentle and lovely, and has many suitors around her.
   As the saying goes: “The big man should be married, and the big girl should be married”. This is a very natural thing, but Ke Yuanyuan has recently encountered an upset.
   This weekend, Yuanyuan and her good friend Lin Yu attended the university alumni party together. During the dinner, a young man who claimed to be Luo Hao showed her great hospitality. To be honest, Luo Hao doesn’t look annoying, but Yuan Ai felt that he was always domineering in the conversation, which was very disgusting. Lin Yu quietly told her: “Luo Hao’s father is a well-known real estate owner in this city. This rich second generation has nothing to do all day and is keen to chase girls.”
   Hearing this, Yuanyuan couldn’t help but wrinkle in disgust. Frowning, he was deliberately indifferent to Luo Hao, hoping to dispel the other person’s thoughts.
   Who knows that Yuanyuan just came out of the club the next night, Luo Hao immediately got out of a Mercedes-Benz holding a rose, and insisted on asking her to have a supper at the most luxurious hotel in the city.
  嫒嫒 told Luo Hao very sincerely: “You are not the person I am looking for, I hope not to delay each other’s time.”
   Luo Hao’s self-esteem was greatly hurt, and he threw away the roses. Anxiously drove away.
   Yuanyuan thought that she could be cleaned up from now on, but Luo Hao found her parents around the corners and promised that as long as Yuanyuan married herself, she would give them a big house with three bedrooms and two halls. The two elderly people are very realistic people. They think that a good job is worse than a good marriage. Moreover, the fitness coach is just eating youthful meals, so they strongly persuade their daughter to marry Luo Hao.
   Yuanyuan never thought that Luo Hao would use the method of bribing her own family to force herself, and she was even more bored with him. However, as a good girl in the family, she couldn’t bear to violate the opinions of her elders, so she agreed to consider it temporarily and got a week The deadline.
   Time flies quickly, a week is about to pass, Yuanyuan frowns all day. On this day, Lin Yu went to the club to visit Yuanyuan. Seeing a good friend, Yuanyuan cried aggrievedly.
   After listening to Yuanyuan’s cry, Lin Yu was also worried: “Now we are the enemy and we are widowed. If we want to win, unless the other party voluntarily retreats. In other words, Luo Hao offered to give up you!” But how is this possible? ?
   At this time, a male coach came over, Lin Yu looked at him and Yuanyuan again, and suddenly had a good idea.
   Mom called Yuanyuan to give her an ultimatum: If she doesn’t agree today, she must sever the mother-daughter relationship with her. Yuanyuan readily agreed, and took the initiative to invite Luo Hao to the club at night.
   After receiving a call from Yuanyuan’s mother, Luo Hao called friends to the club. Lin Yu said Yuanyuan hadn’t got off work yet, so she invited them to sit for a while.
   Luo Hao said: “Yuanyuan must be more cute when she works, just to appreciate it.” He sat down with everyone with joy.
   After a while, Yuanyuan came out youthfully, at first she carefully guided the students to do various actionsLater, under repeated requests from everyone, she and a male coach began to demonstrate in person. Their performance won rounds of applause from everyone, especially Yuanyuan, who changed her gentleness from the past, and her performance was particularly eye-catching.
   Lin Yu watched Luo Hao’s face change from white to red and then from red to purple. Before the performance was over, he walked away in despair.
   In the evening, Diyuan returned home nervously, and she was about to push the door, only to hear her mother say to her father: “Oh, our big house is ruined! Just now Luo Hao called and said that she only knew that Yuanyuan worked in the club. Who would have thought that it was a taekwondo coach, the 1.9-meter-tall hunk was kicked by her, and if there is a quarrel in the future together, how can he stand it…”
  媛媛会 Smiled heartily: “Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”