The Central Bank, the heads of the delegations divided areas, guarded a house, made the last resistance, pledged to die, and wished victory. Long live the 74th Army…”
   This is the last message sent by Yu Chengwan to the commander-in-chief Sun Lianzhong. At that time, the city was overwhelmed by fire, and the Japanese army had already rushed into the city from all sides. Yu Chengwan also took up his gun, and led the remnants to die in the southwest corner of the city, and fought with the Japanese army.
   The defending city chief officer has done all his strength, and the officers and soldiers of the 57th Division have done all their responsibilities.
   What Yu Chengwan owes is just death.
   In this case, whether it is from the military perspective of executing orders to complete the mission, or from the emotional perspective of retaining a fire for the 57th Division, Yu Chengwan’s decision to break through is beyond dispute!
  Who is Yu Chengwan?
   This famous and criticized anti-Japanese general is from Taishan, Guangdong. He was born on May 24, 1902 in Zhang Village, Guangda Township, Huohai District, Taishan County, Guangdong, a small village with more than 100 households.
   In the Kuomintang army, Yu Chengwan can be called a literary and military talent. He was from a wealthy family, had a good education in his early years, and graduated from Panyu Normal School. Panyu Normal School is located in Panyu Xuegong, which is now on Zhongshan 4th Road, Guangzhou, where the Guangdong Peasant Movement Workshop was later sponsored by Mao Zedong. After graduation, he taught at the nearby Panyu Primary School.
   In 1924, he was admitted to the first phase of the Whampoa Military Academy and became one of the few military academies with a college diploma. Because of his knowledge and experience, he quickly stood out and became the second person promoted to general among the Huangpu students (the first was Li Zhilong, the acting director of the Naval Bureau and the Communist Party captain of the Zhongshan ship). He was only 25 years old at that time.