Provoked speculation and associations “against China”. U.S. Navy experts revealed that the purpose of this exercise is actually to guard against emerging military forces in the Asia-Pacific region, including China. The US media also pointed out that in the history of the Pacific Rim series of exercises, the former Soviet Union was originally targeted, but now it must be infused with “new ideas”, that is, to “guard the security of the United States and its allies in the commercial and communications sea lanes and demonstrate the strength of the United States. Safeguard the national interests of the United States and ensure the right of the United States to navigate the Pacific Ocean.” The purpose of this military exercise is to send a message: No one can dispel the determination of the United States to become a balancer in the region.
   Experts pointed out that the “Rim of the Pacific” military exercise also meant to suppress Russia. The main subjects of the U.S. Circum-Pacific military exercise are sea crossing, surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, torpedo attack, amphibious landing operation, maritime blockade, sea and air coordination, close air support, sea confrontation, air attack, land and air coordination, and sea Replenishment, special operations, electronic warfare, and humanitarian rescue, etc., but anti-submarine is the main event, and its goals are directed at China and Russia and other submarine powers.
   The Chinese Navy’s East Navy exercise was once interpreted by the outside world as a response to the US-South Korea joint exercise in the Yellow Sea. Some experts believe that from this move, it can be seen that the Chinese military’s confidence in its maritime strength is becoming stronger and stronger.
   The Russian military exercises are more interpreted as “warning the United States.” Military experts believe that Russia is very concerned about the U.S. military’s military intentions and deployment in Asia and will never stand idly by. The purpose of this military exercise is to demonstrate Russia’s military presence in Asia. According to Russian media analysis, the Russian military’s selection of the location of the exercise and the way it mobilizes its forces and equipment shows that the “Orient-2010” exercise is “showing strength” to the United States and conveying a message: Russia’s position in East Asia cannot be ignored. .