is the big sun again. Dry out the winter clothes and quilts in the cupboard, making the balcony lively. Seeing the sun shining on the snow-white, red and willow green fabrics, there is a blessing of security and happiness.
   When I was young, I was very close to the bedding that had seen the sun. As long as you close your body, it’s like hearing a lullaby and dreaming immediately. I have just seen the quilt of the big sun, with soft, light heating, mixed with the breath of the trees outside the house, and smells better than sugar, so whenever I see my mother drying the quilt, I will happily follow along. As a result, I will get the reward: so good.
   I like the smell of sunlight on the quilt. I miss my mother’s words and I fall in love with clothes drying. As long as the sun comes out, immediately move out thick, thin, flowery, and plain ones, and turn the cabinet to the bottom. The slight sense of superiority living upstairs is just between drying and closing.
   The quilt was dried and soft, and he insisted on sending it to his son. The temperature in his school in the suburbs is lower than at home. The thin bedding is no longer suitable for this day, like a day of winter. My son refuses to add clothes and quilts, just like me once, relying on his youth to be beautiful. I don’t know what the elders say, it’s sweet and warm, like sleeping in a lullaby, like being held in my arms by my mother, like lying on the beach under the sun… After all the good words came out, the son finally compromised .
   sent happily. All the little guy’s covers and pads were “changed”. The bedding was set, and I stroked and stroked with my hands, and smelled. Well, the smell of sunlight is still there, and the smell of mother is still there. He can have peace of mind, and I can have peace of mind. It’s a pity that there are no chrysanthemums, orchids, or roses on the balcony. Otherwise, the son’s dream can be made in the smell of flowers, the sun and the mother. Isn’t that more beautiful? Hey, I have to learn to be a flower farmer.
Think about it, among the clusters of flowers, rose red, light yellow, light green, snow white bedding, gorgeous, happily squeezed in the sun, what a happy scene?

   In the evening, my son sent a text message: Thank you mom, I slept so warmly and comfortably. Can’t help but smile, like a winter sun crawling into my heart.
   Yes, all foods that are dipped in sunlight are reassuring. Everything that is warm makes the heart soft.