likes to read Wang Zengqi’s books. Last year’s “World Reading Day”, a reporter from “Sanxiang Metropolis Daily” visited and asked who my favorite writer was, and the answer was: Wang Zengqi. Yes, this old man is really not simple, calm and calm, and writing in style, and once the ordinary square characters are combined, he has a sound, a color, a rhythm, and a lot of things that can only be unspeakable. . For example, “The Shadow of the Green Lake”, “Rain in Kunming”, “Running Alert” and so on. After reading it, I can feel a three-dimensional Kunming, a dynamic Kunming, and a beautiful Kunming. It is very interesting to love Wu and Wu, love Wang Lao’s words, and also fall in love with Kunming in the words.
   It’s also a coincidence that my daughter was admitted to the Yunnan Arts College, which is located in Kunming. Friends, relatives and friends heard the news and all said good things. In fact, I haven’t reached the point of being extremely confused. The Chinese culture is vast and profound. Every square character is infinite in mystery. A good character has multiple points, but it is not true. In the direction of the world, seek scholars deliberately, first take the United States, supplemented by Europa, the domestic Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, the southwest corner, there are few people who like it. Having said that, it is also insincere to say what disappointment you have. After all, through the transmission of Wang Lao’s words, the love for Kunming has been flowing in my blood. My daughter will live there for a few years, and she will use her heart to perceive the seniors, sages, and landscapes there. It must be a lot of harvest and youthfulness.
   It is said that the number of senior sages, their great achievements, and their profound influence can be a fortune in Kunming. Not to mention, during the Anti-Japanese War, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Nankai University moved west to Kunming, and the three universities were integrated to form the National Southwest Associated University. More than 300 authoritative leaders and top experts in various disciplines and majors gathered here. In the sky above the southwest, the stars were shining and shining. It is a string of shocking names: Wu Dayou, Zhou Peiyuan, Wang Zhuxi, Liang Sicheng, Zhu Ziqing, Feng Youlan, Shen Congwen, Wen Yiduo, Hua Luogeng, Zhu Guangqian and so on. They are familiar and well-known in the country. In the past eight years, nearly 4,000 students graduated from Southwest Associated University, and most of them will become national pillars and role models for scholars in the future. Such as Yang Zhenning, Li Zhengdao, Zhu Guangya, Deng Jiaxian, Chen Fangyun, Wang Zengqi, He Qifang, they have studied Chinese and Western, accumulated a lot of work, and become masters admired by people. In times of external troubles and internal worries, the living conditions and learning conditions of Southwestern United University are extremely difficult, and it is difficult to survive the day, let alone learning? Ms. Yang Jiang said that disasters breed wisdom, and suffering tempers character. The teachers and students of the United Nations University are constantly striving for self-improvement, ethics, determination, and learning. Its enlightenment is that we strive to seek knowledge and learning skills. If we do not have a noble ideological realm, and the broad sense of courage to assume important tasks, then we are personal. What is the value of her hard work? My daughter is studying in Kunming, and what she has to learn is this sense of responsibility.
  The spring breeze first came to Caiyunnan, and the spring city was everywhere. Kunming is the capital of flowers, and Chen Zuocai of Yunnan said: “tens of thousands of species of floating flowers, thousands of clumps of cold branches and cold leaves”. Although a little exaggerated, it is generally true. HaveThe poet also said that flowers are the smile of the earth. Kunming’s camellia, lilies, rhododendrons, orchids, mecone, and gentian are colorful and colorful, scattered in the corners and corners of life existence, making a city smile all year round and full of joy. The Belgians, who are indulging in the beautiful melody of Beethoven and Mozart, have not neglected the nostalgia for the flowers. They named the deep pink rhododendron with a light fragrance and elegant petals as “Yunnan” in memory. The beautiful day when azaleas settled in Belgium 200 years ago. The power of the flowers is amazing, the posture is gorgeous, and the soul is ethereal. They absorb the essence of the sun and the moon to light up themselves and reflect the surroundings. Wandering among the flowers can purify the soul, get rid of distracting thoughts and dirt, dance with them, and create fun. When my daughter studies art in Spring City, she must carefully comprehend the inner spirit of flowers.
   Kunming people are kind. I know a friend named Bai Mangmang, who writes poems well and makes people better. He did not leave his hair in the shape of a Beatle or his beard in the shape of a Tolstoy. He wrote poems with peace of mind, had a clear-eyed look and a sincere face. In Kunming, there are many such people. Together, they make a city peaceful, friendly and auspicious. At present, the material desires are too rampant, and the emotions are too complex and false, which distorts, conceals, and pulls too many things away. Happiness must be innocence. More innocence can be less desire. When people are desperately pursuing and demanding, don’t forget to look back from time to time and summon a staggering soul falling behind you. My daughter lives in Kunming, and what she wants to learn is how to be a man in capital.
   My daughter has a big sister named Cai Xinxin, who works in the United Nations. When I mention her, I yearn for it. I am joking: You are in Kunming, where you are in the United Nations, where you are a permanent council member for 4 years. In fact, you are almost like Xinxin. The daughter seemed to agree.