We are like a line of poetry lost in a poem, we always feel that it rhymes with other lines of poetry, we must find them, otherwise it will not fulfill its mission. This pursuit of the unreached realm is the greatest impulse in people’s hearts, and it contributes to all the best creations of people. Man seems to feel deeply that there is a barrier at the root of his existence. He shouts to guide him to cross the barrier and move towards harmony and unity. Man also understands that it is love that can lead him to an ultimate love.
   The north wind was as sharp as the blade of a steel knife last night, and the vendors used branches and leaves to make temporary shelters. Although the shed was simple, at the time, it was their most important necessity. However, this morning, before dawn, we heard them yelling at their bull and pulling their creaking car from the bottom of the tree. Now, it is urgent and important for them to leave these sheds.
   When our will and love are integrated, we are in perfect state, because only love is true freedom, and this freedom does not lie in negative constraints. It automatically accepts constraints, because constraints do not bind freedom, but only measure the actual situation of freedom. We do not approve of slavery, and we must stop this kind of labor, but freedom exists in labor service.
   A village poet from Yinggara said: “In love, the ending is neither painful nor happy, but only love. When love restrains you, it gives you freedom, because love is a combination.”
   The good aesthetic taste needed to truly understand a poem comes from the illusion of a unity seen by imagination. Beliefs have the same function in our understanding of life. It is the spiritual organ of vision, which enables us to instinctively recognize the illusion of the whole when we actually see only parts. Skeptics may mock this illusion as an illusion produced by insanity. They may pick some facts and list them to condemn the illusion, but the faith never doubts its own direct understanding of inner truth. . The inner truth restrains, educates, heals, and guides people toward the ideal of consummation. Faith exists in our body and mind, and it responds naturally to the sound of “yes” that spreads all over, so it is the greatest creative force in human life. It not only passively recognizes the truth, but also has been working actively to achieve a state of harmony with peace, goodness, and unity of love. Peace exists in the rhythm of truth in the universe, goodness exists in the rhythm of union in society, and the unity of love exists in the rhythm of self-realization in the soul. It is just the innumerable flaws in such a rhythm. Although it is a fact, it is not enough to prove that this rhythm is unrealistic in the view of a person with belief. Just as in the eyes of a musician, harsh tunes and sounds are common. The fact of existence is not enough to deny the truth of music. These things just summoned him to work hard to repair the flaws and establish a state of harmony with the truth.
  Dawn breaks in the east, and daylight breaks through the bud like a bud and blooms into a flower. However, if this fact only belongs to the outsideIn the world, how can we find a gateway to enter this state? This is a sunrise in the sky of our consciousness, this is a new creation in our lives, and the flowers bloom.
   Open your eyes and see, just like a living flute and feel the breath of music blowing through its whole body, feel and appreciate the world. Meet the morning light in the magnificence of your existence, where you are one with it. However, if you sit there and turn your face away, you are setting a barrier of separation in the undivided realm of good fortune, and that realm is where things meet creative consciousness.
  Some people have a static concept of life. They hope to continue to exist after death, but because they pray for eternal life rather than perfection, they like to imagine that the things they are used to will last forever. In their hearts, they have completely integrated themselves, their fixed environment, and whatever they have accumulated. To ask them to abandon these things is to want their lives. They have forgotten that the real meaning of survival is super-birth, which is to grow beyond itself forever, to a higher level. The fruit is attached to the stem, the peel is attached to the pulp, and the pulp is attached to the seed, because the fruit is not yet mature and is not ready for further growth. The outer layer and inner core of the fruit have not been distinguished, it just proves its life with its toughness. However, when the seed matures, its attachment to the surrounding environment relaxes, the flesh is fragrant, sweet, detached, and dedicated to the birds that need it. Birds pecking at it cannot damage it, nor can the storm blow it off and throw it in the dust. It confirmed its immortality with its union and discard.