Is there no pain in the cervix

The cervix is ​​a very important part of the female body. If uterine problems are found, it may affect the women’s menstruation and fertility. Many young women do not take good care of their bodies and cause cervical diseases appear. Everyone knows that there is no obvious pain when touching the cervix, so is there no pain in the cervix?

There is no pain in the cervix, because there is no pain-sensitive nerve in the cervix, some cervical operations can be performed without anesthetic. The nerves around the external cervix are not very abundant, and the sensory nerves are almost non-existent. Therefore, many cervical diseases are not found early when they appear, and it is necessary to have a regular cervical examination to find the condition.

There is no pain nerve in the cervix, but it is also prone to troublesome diseases, such as cervicitis and cervical cancer. Cervical cancer can also be life-threatening. When cervical pain is found, it indicates that the disease in the cervical area is already serious, and you must actively go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

For the health of the cervix, it is recommended to have a cervical cancer screening every year. Only when problems are found can they be treated as soon as possible to prevent cervical diseases from harming health. The cervix is ​​also prone to polyps, cysts, etc., which are common gynecological diseases, and can be diagnosed by gynecological examinations on time. Only when measures are taken as soon as possible can the body damage caused by cervical diseases.