Are people with cold palace easy to have ectopic pregnancy

Many women suffer from backaches, cold hands and feet, and fatigue, especially during menstrual periods. In fact, most women suffer from dysmenorrhea. As a result, we must pay attention. Cold palace causes great harm to the body, so is it easy for people with cold palace to get ectopic pregnancy?

Cold uterus does not cause infertility, it is not the cause of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is caused by inflammation. Inflammation will thicken the fallopian tube, accumulate water, and make the uterine cavity narrow and unblocked, so that the fertilized egg cannot pass normally. Some congenital fallopian tubes are relatively long, and they are not delivered to the uterine cavity at a certain time, and they are implanted early, which results in tubal pregnancy.

The main symptom of palace cold is dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. There will be blood clots in palace cold, less menstrual flow, and abnormal color. During menstruation, breast tenderness and pain, waist soreness, and lower abdomen feel painful. Palace cold may lead to female infertility, cold hands and feet, cold sexual function, etc.

Although uterine cold can cause ectopic pregnancy, it should be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible to avoid harm to health. Gong Han needs to exercise more, do not stay up often, and pay attention to ensuring adequate sleep time. Don’t eat too much cold food, and keep warm at the same time. Go to the hospital to check if necessary, and ask the doctor to prescribe some medicines to regulate the body and improve the condition of cold palace.