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With so many people paying attention, the foreclosure naturally has an extremely attractive advantage

First of all, it is cheap. The starting price of foreclosure is only 30% off the market price!

Most people think of buying a foreclosure property. The biggest factor is to take advantage of it. As the saying goes, if there is a price, don’t take it, a bitch

Foreign auction houses are generally lower than the market price, which is about 30% off the market price. If no one is robbing you of this suite, then you can buy it at a 30% off the market price!

As you can see from the screenshot above, the starting price is lower than the evaluation price, which is the so-called market price

If no one wants this foreclosure for the first time and it fails, then the second listing price will be discounted by another 20%, that is, it is equivalent to a discount of 5.6%.

50% off! What concept?

Don’t talk about the murder house. Sadako’s house, the originator of the murder house, should I also rush to buy it? ? ? ?

Secondly, it’s easy to pick up bamboo shoots in foreclosure houses

Sometimes, there will be some foreclosure houses, in core locations, and good listings. These listings may not come out in the market much. They are considered high-quality listings, especially those with school district housing blessings. This is generally the case. Shooting a room, you will be spotted as soon as you come out

For example, in the foreclosure information, we found that in Shanghai, the more expensive the house, the more people watching and setting reminders, the cheaper the house, but not many followers< /p>

And these expensive houses are generally located in the middle ring or even the inner ring

It can also be understood that in the foreclosure, you are not picking up the cheapest purchase, but picking up the most valuable purchase

If you buy a house in such a core area at a price lower than the market price, you will definitely make a profit!

Even if the premium price is higher than the market price, many people feel that they can buy a good house. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive

In the case of transactions, most of the urban houses ended up at a premium