When I was a child, my grandfather once told me about one thing. Although I was not very old, I was very curious, so I remembered these things deeply. Let’s not gossip, let’s get to this question… My grandfather traveled north and south when he was young. After a lot of wind and waves, he was more courageous. Later, after he became a family, he lived a life of farming and fishing. Once I went to the river with a horse-drawn carriage to fish, and there was a big river not far from my home. Just after it rained, the current was very fast.
After arriving at a place, it will start to go offline. Nothing arrived on the first network, and again, nothing happened. After playing for a long time, but still nothing, my grandfather is a little worried. But the hand didn’t stop, and then went to the next net. After a while, I pulled it up. It was still light. My grandfather just wanted to scold his mother, but suddenly found a red thing in the net. He pulled it over and took a closer look. The red three-legged bastard, observe for a while, and find that this bastard has lost his leg the day after tomorrow. Looking along the turtle shell, he has three legs! My grandfather thought, isn’t this the Dragon King (the older generation has a saying that the red three-legged bastard is the incarnation of the Dragon King).

My grandfather was suffocating his breath at the time. He didn’t fight for a long time. The family was still waiting for the fish to make a fire and start the stove. After playing for a long time, he made this Stuff. When he was angry, he tied one of its legs with a rope, hung it on the branch next to it, and said to it: I haven’t caught fish all morning. If you are really good, let me fill this carriage today and I will let you go. Go, pretend to be dissatisfied, and I will hang you up here. After that, I started off the net, which is strange. After a while, once the net is closed, it will be a net of fish, and then it will be a net of fish. Soon a large cart is filled with fish. (Introduction to everyone The old carriage is bigger than the current one, and my grandpa has nailed the outer edges of the carriage to the board, so a carriage of fish is very impressive!

This makes my grandpa happy At that time, I put the bastard in the water. When I returned home after the incident, the family was shocked by such a large truckload of fish. My grandfather said the whole story. The old man sighed and told him that he was in trouble. Burning incense and kowtow. As a result, it started to rain a few days later. The rain was very heavy. If the family didn’t see it well, they persuaded the neighbors to leave, and then our family tied things to the carriage and went to the nearby area in the rain. Relatives’ house. After more than a month, my grandfather went back and took a look. It turned out that it was not long after my house came out, the river was flooding, and the house was washed down. The water only retreated a few days ago. Fortunately, all the family escaped. Useful things are also brought out, alas, fortunately in misfortune!……