Li Tiemin stood in the corner of the subway station, waiting for Ah Xin. Every Tuesday, it is A Xin’s day off, and he always waits for her at the subway station. They have known each other for two or three months, and they have a good relationship with each other. Axin is an employee of an advertising company, while Li Tiemin is an out-and-out otaku, and the two can complement each other.

However, ten minutes have passed since the date of the two, and there is still no sign of Axin. Li Tiemin was a little disturbed and began to walk along the passage in front of the platform. Just then, the phone rang, and it was from Axin. The strange thing is that there is no sentence in it, only a picture, which is a long staircase. The stairs were submerged in darkness. Li Tiemin felt weird, where is the staircase? Why does Axin send such pictures? He dialed the phone, but the other party had turned off.

Li Tiemin became anxious and walked to the other side of the subway station. At this moment, he suddenly turned his head and saw A Xin. Yes, that’s right, it’s her. Wearing her favorite black windbreaker, she turned her face sideways, and her expression was a bit sluggish. Li Tiemin ran towards her, but before running close, the subway roared over, and at this moment, A Xin fell straight down.

Li Tiemin shouted loudly, a piece of blood splashed on the ground, a blood-red piece. He was dumbfounded and didn’t move for a long time.

In the following days, Li Tiemin felt particularly lonely. He and A Xin didn’t have much deep feelings, but they might all be the cause of drifting north. The two lonely hearts got closer and closer. But just yesterday, Ah Xin was still planning where she was going to play, how could she suddenly commit suicide? Moreover, why did she send a picture like that to herself? Where is the picture?

Almost ten days later, Li Tiemin put the picture sent by A Xin on the computer. After zooming in several times, he could see the staircase in a dilapidated house. The house is surrounded by abandoned subway stations. Li Tiemin has been in this city for ten years. Of course he knows that there is only one abandoned subway station in this city. Because of repeated collapses during construction, the project was eventually determined to be unsuitable for the soil and the project was detoured. The passage of the year was only abandoned.

After hesitating for a few days, Li Tiemin came to the abandoned subway station alone. There were only two small old houses in the subway station, and after careful inspection, he identified one of them. Pushing open the dusty door and taking out a flashlight to take a photo, Li Tiemin faintly felt a cold breath rushing toward his face.

There was a bluestone slab in the corner of the house. He stepped forward and lifted the plank, revealing a long staircase below. Li Tiemin took a deep breath and walked forward along the stairs. That’s right, this is the staircase shown in the picture Axin passed to him. Deep, dark, airtight, I don’t know where it leads.

After walking down the stairs, Li Tiemin saw that the stairs had reached the end. beforeThe face was a dark hole in the ground, exuding a rotten breath. The flashlight could only shine two or three meters ahead, when suddenly, he saw a six or seven year old boy. The boy’s clothes were not covering his body, and his body was covered with dark mud. Li Tiemin looked at him in surprise, whose boy is this? How could you be abandoned here?

Crouching down, Li Tiemin asked the boy’s name? Where is home? Why is it in the hole? But the boy remained silent, as if he was dumb.