I was woken up by the leader’s phone call before 6 o’clock in the morning, saying that I was leaving on time at 8 o’clock and I was going to the countryside for a medical work meeting! There was no room to struggle, so I hurried to assemble after washing up.

I originally thought it should be an experience exchange such as consultation, but I didn’t expect to be taken to the town government as soon as I arrived. The leaders were neatly arranged like eggs in a box. Qi rested on the rostrum, and then began to speak like flowers and drums.

After sitting there and listening for a full morning, I didn’t understand anything except to learn a few local dialects of cursing mothers. I couldn’t stand the urine and I was about to sneak out. At that time, I suddenly heard a sentence “The meeting is over”! Excited almost leaking.

On the way back, I was still confused. I wanted to find out with my colleagues what the meeting meant, but two of the three people in the same group were already asleep and one was trying to sleep. , So I didn’t dare to interrupt after a long time. When I was bored, the phone rang suddenly, and the three colleagues sighed in unison: “Damn!”

I quickly picked up. On the other side of the phone was Xiao Yun. This kid has nothing to learn. The man ran in the morning and was hit by a battery car as soon as he left the house. Now he is bandaged and he is hanging a drip in our hospital, waiting for my condolences!

Xiao Yun was my childhood neighbor. We all lived in a family courtyard back then. His family was in a row of bungalows just after entering the courtyard. . At that time, I was young and didn’t understand that the house has a class character. I always felt that Xiao Yun’s bungalow was very arrogant. As soon as I opened the door, I could see the entire large courtyard. Compared to my house, crowded in a small building, it was really shabby!

People are born to yearn for mystery. At that time, Xiao Yun’s house was the treasure I wanted to explore the most-the short eaves, narrow windows, and dim light bulbs … Whenever I see Xiao Yun’s heartless smiling face, I am always jealous and regretful. I feel that he is too temperamental and has ruined my wishful thinking in vain!

In fact, what impressed me the most about Xiao Yun’s family was his grandmother. The old lady lived in the hut next to his house. When the weather got better, she could be seen sitting there. Stay on the small wicker chair at the door to bask in the sun.

I remember I heard people say that the most unforgettable thing for a man is his first love. According to this logic, my first love is this grandma, because even after so many years, as long as When someone talks about an unforgettable woman, the first thing that comes to my mind is her figure! This is not to say that I have any quirks. Instead, you must be the same as me. In our age, how many people have seen women with little feet? Grandma Xiao Jiatai is the first one I have ever seen, and I am afraid it will be the last…

Xiao Yun and I are playing under the big tree in the yard, and occasionally I can see her sitting There, we never came up to talk to her, and she never greeted meWe just watched from a distance. She may still be smiling, but she is really too old, her eyes are small, like two black beans, her mouth is sunken, her teeth are all gone, and her whole face is wrinkled as if it had been drenched in water. I can’t be too young. Judge the expression from there. But in my heart, I always feel that she is very kind and kind, and feel her eyes behind, even if I encounter strangers who have broken into the yard, I will not be afraid!