Who says handsome can’t be eaten? Tong Xiaole, who is so handsome in appearance, loves to eat this bowl of rice. This person is loved by others, but can refer specifically to women. The eldest and younger sisters in the company rub their heads on him whenever they have a chance, taking the opportunity to wipe oil. Of course, this oil can’t be wiped for nothing, go out to eat and drink, enter the KTV wolf howling, all without the handsome guy paying the bill. Even if they are short of money, they will rush to donate generously: “Lele, take it and spend it. Don’t tell my sister to pay it back, vulgar!”

Lele, listen to it. !

Enjoying the wonderful feeling of holding the moon among the stars, Tong Xiaole became more and more proud. But that night, Tong Xiaole encountered troubles-he was chipped by his cohabiting girlfriend Zhuang Sha, and a pink punch hit his front tooth!

It’s no wonder that I go home every day and I am full of powdery powder. It’s a hell if I don’t get beaten. After the beating, Tong Xiaole clutched his bleeding mouth and shouted: “Hey, are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid? I pay 2,300 yuan a month, and I will give you all the money. If you don’t have the relief of those sexy girls , I can’t even drink a bottle of mineral water!”

Tong Xiaole is telling the truth. Moreover, he has a bottom line, and will never accompany him to bed with food and drink. Zhuang Sha is right to think about it. She is reluctant to let her boyfriend not be able to buy a house. As long as he doesn’t move the true character, please forgive him. So he threw a hundred-yuan bill and said, “Let’s go to the teeth.”

Right now, prices are rising. Can this little money be worth seeing? Tong Xiaole mumbled out the door. After walking through the streets and swaying for a long time, I finally found a small dental clinic in Qingshui Alley.

“Hello. I…the toothache. Will you please see if it will fall out?”

“Lie down.” This is a woman wearing a white mask. If she didn’t listen to the voice, Tong Xiaole would think she was a male doctor just by looking at her size. After a trip on the bench, the dentist motioned to him to open his mouth, then touched his lower front teeth with a probe, and said, “Your teeth are really good, they are neat and white. I checked them, don’t worry, none of them Drop. But—”

But what? Tong Xiaole couldn’t help but feel tight. The dentist replied: “There may be one more tiger tooth, just in front of the two central incisors of the lower jaw.”

Nonsense! I’m almost 30 and still have teeth, do you think I’m a monster? Tong Xiaole said mockingly: “Please check it carefully. A person will grow 32 teeth in a lifetime. I have grown all the teeth!”

“You can not believe it, but the fact is the fact.” Dentist Passed a business card and said, “Wait for your tiger teeth to grow. If you don’t pull it out, your mouthfuls will be squeezed into a mess.”

If it’s not long, let me see. Smashed your tooth! Tong Xiaole took the business card and walked away. Three days later, a weird thing that Tong Xiaole never dreamed of happened—