In the night with only a few stars, the brightness of the moonlight is still so indifferent, only half of the face of an owl under the treetop is reflected clearly, and its expression is now half of the dark and moonlight faces. It looks a little weird, its eyes are always staring in a certain direction on the opposite side, as if watching a long and interesting soap opera.

Opposite is a private house located in the suburbs. A shutter on the fourth floor is open. Inside is a bedroom almost completely shrouded in darkness, with one lying on the bed. Man, his eyes are like two suns that have not yet completely died at night, and sometimes they can reflect a little light. However, this dim light has lasted for two hours in the night without a slight flicker. That is to say, this person has kept his eyes open for two hours. If he is not a blind man, this unique job can definitely go. Apply for Guinness Records.

However, his profession is not a circus actor, but a doctor. A doctor will not be so bored that he is still in bed practicing stunts for two hours without closing his eyes at 3:30 in the morning. Of course, a doctor can be so bored for a reason—because he is dead!

Hutong is now in eternal sleep, he may not be able to think about the meaning of this word now. Two hours ago, he only knew that he had insomnia. Hutong also knew that he was not the only person who couldn’t sleep in this long night of moonlight and starlight, because two hours and five minutes ago, someone beat him. He made a call, no, it should be said that it was a ghost, it was this terrifying call that killed him.

An hour ago, Hutong actually slept for a while. He also had a dream. However, this dream was undoubtedly a nightmare for him. For the heart patients who died under the scalpel, the Hutong saw a large hole on the left side of their chest cavity. They each held their own heart in their hands and walked towards the Hutong. Hutong clearly remembered that these holes were all made by him. Some of the holes were very large. It was because of hypertensive heart disease and excessive arterial blood pressure that caused the left ventricular hypertrophy. He even remembered the color inside clearly. Some people are dark red, and there is a lot of mucus, which proves that they have a heart tumor.

They each held their own damaged heart in their hands. The blood flowing from the holes in their chests dyed their bodies red, and their hands were dripping with their hearts. They walked towards the Hutong, and the Hutong suddenly saw a face he didn’t want to see. He was Kaifeng. Kaifeng rushed towards him with a sneer, and then forced his alley to eat with his heart.

Just when Hutong almost bit Kaifeng’s disgusting heart, he was frightened awake.

Hutong sat up in sweat, his body was still fluctuating violently because of fear, he was breathing heavily, his heart not beating very muchlaw. In fact, Hutong suffered from heart disease two years ago due to work pressure, and a doctor who specializes in treating heart disease also suffered from heart disease. This sounds a bit dramatic.