Jace was born in a scholarly family in St. Petersburg, and his father was a university professor. Although his father’s salary is not low, because a dozen people of all ages depend on his father, his family is not rich; although he does not go hungry, he is often stretched.
   He still remembers that on his 16th birthday, his father said to him “Jace, happy birthday”. The so-called birthday gift was just a very ordinary pen. In the days before his birthday, he intentionally or unintentionally revealed to his father his desire to buy a pair of jeans, and tried his best to perform well in all aspects.
   He originally thought that his father would give him a pair of jeans as a birthday gift, but the facts made him feel disappointed and painful, even angry. In St. Petersburg, when a boy is 16 years old, it means he is an adult. On the 16th birthday, parents usually give a gift that their child desires as an adult gift.
   Jace, who did not get the jeans, felt that he was not important in the hearts of his parents. The feeling of being despised and abandoned made him cry. Jace’s thoughts, father, understood, and his explanation to Jace was: a real Levis brand jeans cost up to 500 rubles, and his monthly salary is only 200 rubles.
   If you buy a pair of jeans for Jace, the whole family will suffer for a while. And he is unwilling to buy a cheap but inferior fake jeans for Jace, especially unwilling to give him as a birthday present on the important day of Jace’s 16th birthday.
   Jace couldn’t understand his father’s explanation at all, and he was unwilling to understand. He silently expressed his protest with tears and the expression on his face. Father did not comfort him, but rather solemnly said to him: “I know your feelings at this time, but don’t expect me to apologize to you. I am not wrong, but I am not capable of fulfilling your wishes. From today, you are Adults, don’t shed tears easily, because it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you think I’m not a competent father, then I hope you will be an excellent father in the future and don’t pass the pain you are currently suffering to your children.”
“I will definitely do better than you. In the future, I will be a father. I will give him countless pairs of jeans and satisfy all his wishes. I will make him proud because of me.” The stubborn Jess is almost Say these words word by word.
   “Very well, I am willing to take these words you said as your adult swear, I hope you don’t forget it, it’s better to remember it in your heart.” After my father said this, he went to work. Jace stood there, biting his lip for a long time.
   Although it was his father who forcibly regarded what Jace said in anger as his adult swear, Jace accepted. He was angry to prove it to his father. Even though he was only 16 years old, he vowed to be an accomplished man and an accomplished father in the future and make his children proud of himself.
   Of course, he knows that it takes a lot of effort. He lied to his father and went to a mechanical repair shop