Lincoln, known for his honesty, used methods such as forged admission tickets, denying opponents’ supporters, and making wishes to the electors in order to win the Republican nomination of the “Presidential” candidate in 1860, and finally got his wish. It is said that his wish was indeed fulfilled after he was elected president.
   The Republican National Congress is scheduled to be held in Chicago on May 16, 1860. Chicago has become a symbol of the brave and enterprising development of the United States at that time, and was one of the five largest cities in the United States in the mid-19th century. The city’s population was 29,000 in 1850, increased to 80,000 in 1855, and 109,000 in 1860. This marked the rapid development of capitalism in the northwestern United States, and the continuous growth of the workforce has formed an independent and powerful politics. power. The residents of the northwestern states are mostly self-employed farmers, and many of the foreign immigrants are German socialist revolutionaries. They are not as easily frightened by the aggressive Southern slave owners like the gentlemen of Wall Street and the followers of Boston, but they dare to fight against them.
   On the day of May 16, 1860, the train carried 40,000 passengers and 500 representatives to the cargo distribution center and transportation hub of this Qianli Grassland to participate in the scheduled conference. The “Wegwim” building built for the conference is a wooden structure that can accommodate 10,000 people. The interior and exterior of the building have been newly decorated with extraordinary style.
   In order to create a campaign atmosphere, Lincoln’s friends really sold something. The “Lincoln Campaign Headquarters” is located on the third floor of the “Tremont” Building. The entire three-story building of this highest-class hotel in Chicago was covered by Davis for 300 dollars. The Lincoln headquarters has a campaign team office, which includes propaganda agitators, lobbyists, apologists, counsellors, and cheerleaders.
In the reception room of Lincoln headquarters, the campaign team prepared cigars, wine, brandy, and whiskey for each representative and important guests. The total cost was US$321. The money was made by two Lincoln friends, Hatch and Ramon paid for it. The two sometimes invited representatives to headquarters for private talks, and sometimes spoke to large numbers of representatives, urging them to vote for Lincoln.
Ramon also made a special trip to the printing shop that printed the admission ticket to the conference, in order to forge the admission ticket, so that the people who support Lincoln can mix into the venue the next day, occupy the entire hall, and make the Seward cheerleader not get involved. place. Because nearly a thousand cheerleaders came from New York State to cheer for Seward. A group of people including the famous heavyweight boxing champion Tom Hale also arrived. The headquarters of Ximiaode’s campaign is located in Richmond Building, and he is also going all out to fight for the “presidential” candidate. So around the “Wegwerm” building, the crowd was bustling and crowded. There are many more people outside than inside the building, and they are all campaigning for candidates for the state. The parade, dressed in brightly colored fashions, marched grandiosely on the street with the accompaniment of a brass band, chanting slogans to cheer for the candidates. More than 1,000 bars are full of customers and people are enjoying themselves, The noise is endless.
Among the 40,000 guests who flocked to Chicago from other places, more than half of them kept shouting for Abraham Lincoln, “Support old Abel, support the candidate who split the fence”. stop. Some of them are based on morality, some are drunk with famous wines, and they are all campaigning for Lincoln and cheering for the people of Lincoln.
   On the afternoon of May 17, the Congress passed the Republican Party’s political program amidst cheers. Immediately afterwards, the representatives who supported Westward wanted to push their hearts out and demanded to vote on the candidates immediately because they firmly believed that their candidates would be nominated in the afternoon. However, because the record of the votes was not ready at that time, the chairman of the General Assembly George Ashmon moved to adjourn the meeting, and the majority of the representatives voted in favor. As a result, the meeting was temporarily suspended.
   Lincoln’s supporters seized this decisive moment, carried out intense activities all night long, and reached some important secret deals. One of them was that Lincoln’s friends made a wish to the leaders of the delegations in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio: If Lincoln is elected, they will be able to enter the cabinet. Lincoln had returned to Springfield at that time. Before he left, he had confessed to his campaign manager: “I did not authorize you to engage in political transactions, and I will not recognize such transactions in the future.” However, the appointee’s wish was announced. Later, during the period from his election to his inauguration, among the cabinet members appointed by Lincoln, the leaders of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio fulfilled the political promises made by his campaign manager. Although many people reminded Lincoln that these people were not qualified as politicians and were not enough to assist him in solving the problems facing the government, he still did that.