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I thought that in the past few days, people have witnessed too many scores against the sky, and they have long been numb to the deeds of the college entrance examination.

Who knows the recent news that “boys retake the exam with 699 points after dropping out of Tsinghua University” has made everyone sore.

This candidate from Xiangyang, Hubei, was dissatisfied after entering Tsinghua University for one year.

I thought that my major was hidden from my parents and dropped out of school.

As a result, in this year’s college entrance examination, his score was not only 2 points higher than the first time, but he also ranked second in Xiangyang City’s science subjects.

Netizens in the comment area were shocked by this god-level operation.

On the one hand, I was surprised that he returned to high school after a year of college and he was able to return to his previous test-taking level;

On the other hand, I admire him for having the courage to give up his Tsinghua University student status and rewrite his own destiny.

For ordinary people, repetition has never been an easy decision.

Every year when the college entrance examination is released, there are always countless candidates and parents falling intoIn the entanglement of whether to repeat or not. Three years of hard study, in exchange for a grade that is neither salty nor indifferent, is somewhat reconciled.

But if you really give up the current score and repeat it for a year, will it really be a miracle?

1. Is repetition synonymous with “miracle”?

In people’s long-standing perception, the college entrance examination is undoubtedly a watershed.

Teachers always say that the college entrance examination is like crossing a single-plank bridge with thousands of horses and horses. One point short of one point may be eliminated by tens of thousands of peers who want to cross the bridge.

The implication is that the college entrance examination competition is too fierce, and a little carelessness may affect future life.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case. Every year, millions of repeat students return to the ranks of the bridge.

Some of them were candidates who were unfortunately squeezed off the bridge and went ashore against the flood; some were lucky ones who had crossed the river safely and returned to the other side with dissatisfaction with their scores and even college life.

Every year after the college entrance examination, it is probably the moment when most people have the clearest understanding of the concept of Xueba in their lives.

There is no shortage of miracles in the story of the college entrance examination.

People are willing to watch the stories behind those “high scores against the sky”. If this high score is paired with a “repetition” label, it becomes “inspirational” and “counterattack” in another sense.

Every year in the college entrance examination, the stories of repeat students with high scores in the N-test can always stand out from countless “ordinary” stories of schoolmasters, becoming the most vivid case of parents educating children and teachers inspiring students.

In many news, the most typical pattern is that of studying hard for a year and turning from the scumbag to the tyrant.

This is also the kind of success story that motivates ordinary students the most.

The protagonists of most stories have never had the so-called aura of talent. They are like thousands of candidates in World War I, relying on more than 300 days of hard work, plus a little courage to break the boat.

From the movie “The Strongest Scumbag”/The protagonist is an older candidate who repeats three years and finally starts counterattack

But among these high-scoring candidates, what is more eye-catching is still the stories of those repeaters who have their own aura.

In 2013, Liu Dingning from Liaoning was admitted to the University of Hong Kong with the provincial champion in liberal arts. Because he did not adapt to Hong Kong’s teaching model, he eventually dropped out of school to repeat.

One year later, she was successfully admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University as the provincial champion in liberal arts.

More legendary than this one is Chang Shujie, the No. 1 scholar in science in Hubei Province last year.

In 2015, he was admitted to Peking University with the 8th place in Hubei Province. In his junior year, he was dismissed by Peking University because he was addicted to games and wasted his studies. After taking the college entrance examination again, he was admitted to Tsinghua University as the provincial champion.