When Zhiqiang woke up in the evening, he had been having a dream before. In the dream, someone kept beating his head with an axe. He was extremely uncomfortable but couldn’t stop him. He didn’t realize it until he woke up. , I was wrapped up like a zongzi. Zhiqiang thought for a long time before remembering that he seemed to have been in a car accident.

At that time, Zhiqiang, his girlfriend Xiao, and the iron buddy An Fatty took a bus to camp in the forest of a neighboring county. Who knew the bus suddenly came from the front when it reached a very narrow mountain road A child sprang out on the side of the road. The driver was shocked, afraid of an accident, and hurriedly braked. For various reasons, the bus eventually turned to a valley next to him, and Zhiqiang fainted.

That’s right! How are Fatty and Xiao now? Zhiqiang was suddenly taken aback. The corner of his eyes turned to a bed beside him, and he saw Fatty An with a thick bandage on one leg, looking at him with a pity that Zhiqiang had never seen before. Qiang Wang looked at him and quickly moved his head away. Zhiqiang suddenly had an inexplicable premonition. He opened his mouth and made a difficult voice in his throat: “Fatty, do you know how is Akatsuki?” The fatty looked at him with a gray face.

Zhiqiang felt a bit dry in his throat, he swallowed and said, “Are you saying that Xiao she—dead?” “En.” The fat man held back for a long time and finally said one. word. Zhiqiang was stunned for a long time, and suddenly turned around and rushed to the fat man, but he fell to the ground before he touched him, and he yelled frantically, “Impossible! You lie to me! I’m not dead, so what? Will die? She said she would be old and old with me, you lie to me, you lie to me!”

At this moment, several nurses on the side rushed over to help Zhiqiang, Zhi Suddenly, Qiang felt like his soul was drained. He was carried to the hospital bed by the nurses in a daze. No matter what the nurse said to him, he looked bleak. The nurses said for a while that people could not come back to life after death. They found Zhiqiang quieter and left.

During this day, Zhiqiang didn’t know how he spent it. His eyes kept staring at the ceiling motionlessly, as if he had become a vegetable. Fatty An looked at Zhiqiang’s appearance and suddenly said, “Maybe I can let Akatsuki’s soul return to his body for an hour.” Seeing that Zhiqiang hadn’t moved, he raised his voice and said again. www.guidaye.com

Zhiqiang suddenly turned his head and said, “What did you say?” Fatty An said, “I Said that Xiao could return to his soul for an hour.” Zhiqiang’s eyes lit up: “What can you do? Tell me quickly!” Fatty An paused and said, “I usually like to study all kinds of witchcraft. You know that. , I know a way to bring people back to soul for an hour, and that person will never be able to recall it again after an hour. Come here and I will tell you the details…”

No. Two days Zhiqiang proposed to go to the morgue as a boyfriendLooking at his deceased girlfriend, the hospital finally agreed to his request. Zhiqiang was sitting in a wheelchair, and a nurse pushed toward the morgue. The nurse is a girl about his age. She looked at the morgue and said, “Go in. Call me if you have something to do. I’ll make a call. It’s scary!” Zhiqiang nodded, and she left.

Zhiqiang secretly shook the talisman written by Fatty An in the handshake, and the words of the fat man last night sounded in his heart: “Remember! This talisman must be taken down an hour ago, otherwise After the resurrection, Xiao will become a zombie due to the chaos of the soul!” For an hour, Zhiqiang shook his head, how can this be enough…

An hour is about to arrive, Zhiqiang feels as if In only one minute, the Xiao in front of him has been sorted out, there is no blood on her body, but the big hole in the back of her head proves that she is no longer alive, but such a “person” with no vital signs is affectionate with Zhiqiang. Mai is talking, if the nurse who has been on the phone sees it, she will be frightened?

“Zhiqiang,” Xiao said, looking at Zhiqiang gently, “I was already dead, you gave me this opportunity to let me and You can get together again, but now the time is up, you go! You, should live well.” Zhiqiang stared at her blankly, and suddenly made a decision…

< "I'm back?" Fatty An said, looking at Zhiqiang with a calm face. "En," Zhiqiang replied very shortly. "I've used up that talisman and threw it away, I'm sorry." Zhiqiang said blankly. Fatty An looked at him, and said for a while: "Forget it, it's okay." Zhiqiang lay down silently, looked out the window, and said nothing.
The next day, Xiao’s body disappeared. Zhiqiang still looked the same, looking at the back mountain outside the window without saying a word. Fatty An looked at him and sighed. At night, a black shadow flashed out of the hospital, but the shadow walked very staggering…www.guidaye.com

Zhiqiang tried his best to rush back to the mountain along the way, several places The scar was split due to strenuous exercise, and he still did not slow down. Finally, he came to the top of the mountain. At this time, it was dark all around. Only the bleak moonlight in the sky could illuminate a small area. A person wearing hospital clothes and sitting on a stone with his back facing Zhiqiang, cold moonlight. There was a cold light on the white clothes she was wearing, which made people feel chilly.

Zhiqiang walked over happily: “Xiao…” “Zhiqiang, why did you do this?” Xiao said, “Don’t you know I will become a zombie?” Zhiqiang smiled softly, “No matter what you become, I love you.”, “But my face has changed. I still have to suck blood every day to survive. Do you want me?” Zhiqiang smiled again. “I don’t care, you want blood, I have too much.” The figure paused, then slowly turned around. A blood-red face surrounded by blood vessels appeared in front of Zhiqiang, Zhiqiang