Zuo Zhiwei walked out of the bathing center, refreshed. The massage lady was so beautiful, she served him comfortably. It was four o’clock in the morning and he was going home. Originally, he wanted to stay in the bathing center for one night, but his father called him and asked him to go home immediately, saying that he was in a hurry.

When he got home, he asked his dad what happened? His father mysteriously pointed to the corner of the wall and said: “Who do you think is that?” Zuo Zhiwei looked around, there was no one, he said doubtfully, “There is no one.” His father whispered: ” I saw my former daughter-in-law, Xiaoshan his mother.” Zuo Zhiwei’s face was ugly, and he said, “Dad, you’re so confused. It’s been more than six years since Xiaoshan his mother died. How can you see her? “

“Really, I don’t lie to you. I really have to see her, she was crying and scared me to scare me. That’s why I called you home.”

Zuo Zhiwei’s black face became darker, he sneered, turned and left.

Xiaoshan, his mother, was his first wife. She was dead a long time ago. How could she appear? He thinks his dad is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Both of Zuo Zhiwei’s wives died. Others said that he had a pair of horoscope eyebrows and was born to be a wife.

In fact, the first wife died after divorcing him. Zuo Liangwei didn’t graduate from junior high school, but his father had the skills and sent him to college. After graduating from college, he arranged for him to be a physical education teacher in a middle school. The treatment was very good. But Zuo Liangwei was very dissatisfied. He had a friend who went to the United States for an investigation, and he went with him. When his friend returned to China, he did not come back. He stayed in the United States as a black house. Later, he applied for immigration to the United States on the grounds of preventing him from having a second child through family planning and obtained a green card. He also brought his wife to America.

Although his first wife is not beautiful, but she is exquisite, very sexy, and looks good. The aesthetics of foreigners is different from that of Chinese people, maybe her Slender eyes are more oriental. He led his wife to local Chinese-American gatherings all day long, instilled an open concept in her, and told her that he was very civilized. Finally one day he caught his wife committing adultery with a wealthy Chinese American. He extorted the rich man as he wished, divorced, and made his first pot of gold. Later, his wife lived a slutty life, had another romantic affair with an Italian, divorced a Chinese American, and finally died of AIDS.

After making a fortune from his first wife, Zuo Zhiwei opened a transportation company, but he had no business acumen and the company closed down. He thinks it’s better to go back to China for development. He can talk and talk and build relationships, and the country is still the most suitable for him. Back in China, he met a female classmate at a classmate meeting. This female classmate was very beautiful. Zuo Zhiwei had pursued her ten years ago, but people thought he was poor and ugly, so they rejected him and married a woman. Young wealthy businessman. And now this female classmate who is not in Fangrong is living well