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In order to find out how the intermediaries are advancing with the times, I ran out to find intermediaries on several platforms, formal and informal. , Big and small, I have fully felt for everyone.

Sit down and take care of it. Below is the moment when we stripped off the intermediary’s disguise and missed the rental routine.


In the early years when there was no internet, the rental market was a miasma. Basically, the intermediary of the rental market was the gangsters who were laid off and reemployed. Even like the underworld, they wanted to plot territory. This group of people cheated, intimidated, and extorted everything. Only when outsiders touch it, they know what is meant by a strong dragon that can’t hold a ground-headed snake, what is meant by an artificial sword, and I am a fish.

In recent years, the Internet can be said to have carried out a complete industrial upgrade in the rental marketAfter the information is transparent, it has been standardized a lot, but there are still many magical websites, and the industry is still full of routines.

From the very first moment you searched for a house, the sickle approached quietly.

First pit: bait

The slang in the industry is called “bait house”, which is the so-called false listing. First, look at the latest news.

If you are familiar with the surrounding rental market, then take out your mobile phone and look at these platforms. There are a large number of low-cost housing, beautifully decorated, good environment, and the price is much cheaper. After calling and asking: I’m sorry, sir, it’s a coincidence, this set has just been rented out / no more / the landlord has not rented it / there are all kinds of sand sculpture reasons, anyway, the house is gone, I still have a lot of big and cool houses here—— Sister, add a WeChat~

What is bait? This is called bait.

The purpose is to “drain traffic”, use particularly “attractive” fake listings to trick people who want to rent a house, add WeChat, and then recommend other “normal” listings.

The intermediary I was looking for did the same for me.

In order to compare prices conveniently, I chose an apartment loft area, the price is basically 5200~5800, but the agent told me that he has a set of 4600 in his hand, which is well decorated:

As a result, when I was about to go there the next day, he told me that the house was rented out in the morning.

Only the more expensive “around 5000” house was left in my hand. As a result, I went around and found out that the so-called left and right are only right, not left.

The cheapest set of 5300, the decoration is the same as just after World War II, the slightly better decoration will cost 5500+.

But, my friend, you caught me for a price of 4,600.

After they add WeChat, you will find that the world is much more real at once, the decoration is a lot worse, the location is much different, the price of similar houses is also much higher, and the world has finally become its original Look like.

Second pit: urging to close

Follow the intermediary to look at the house, and then you will find that in the intermediary’s mouth, every house is easy to rent, and every house is about to be rented out. Every house is just visited in the morning.

Anyway, it’s very tight, it seems that everything you see has become a popular item at once. This is to get you to pay, but it’s not good. You can pay a deposit first:

The job of the intermediary is to look at the house. They don’t even think about running around. The more you see and the more you choose, the higher their time cost. With comparison, you are also prone to hesitate and find more problems. So it is in their interest to set it down as soon as possible.

So when looking at the house, everyone must stay calm.

How to tell if a house is seen by many people?

You can investigate it yourself. The house I looked at is also listed on other platforms. It was posted in mid-June. I watched it for more than a week and counted it up. , Now a month has passed, I just asked:

Third pit: capital stock listings

If it’s just these small pits, it won’t make a big mistake. The most pitfall is the “fund listing”.

The so-called capital inventory is: the intermediary first collects the house from the landlord, pays it monthly, and then rents it to the tenant. It needs to be paid half a year or a year. In this way, the intermediary will deposit a lot of money. funds.

Long-term apartment renting is like this. Generally, the money is used to continue to collect the house, roll it up, and make a large-scale.

Personal intermediaries play in this way. Once the money is available, they will completely let themselves go. There are more ways to play. They can be used for stock trading, investment, loan sharking, sponsoring scallops to ride ofo and so on.

If the money is made, then it can be used for the next round and continue to be cool. But once the game loses, what should I do if I can’t move?

Then you have to use the marathon spirit and run.

Tenants are not fools, and most of them can’t get the money for half a year. What should I do?

They will attract you with super low prices.

I came across many hosting companies and the prices were really attractive:

For a house with a quarterly payment of 5,000, the half-year payment only requires 4100+. If the annual payment is only 3700+, it can be paid more than 1,000 less in one month. Is this normal, friends?

Many people are greedy for petty gains and suffer big losses. Unable to resist the temptation, they board the thief boat.

This kind of thing, like love, is easy to go up and difficult to go down.

As soon as you give the money, you’d better pray every day that this company won’t mess up. If they run away, you have paid the rent for one year or six months. The landlord will definitely come over and pester you. It was an overly painful process.

There are victims on both sides, and things are very troublesome. Last year, there was a thunderstorm in a long-term rental apartment.

The platform’s funds were in a hurry, so they delayed and refused to pay the rent to the landlord. The landlord came to the door to post warnings, rushing people, and cutting off water and electricity.

The most unlucky thing is the tenant. After the money is paid, the house will not be able to live in the end, and I am still angry:

Liars are the same as love. When a third party appears, things get complicated.

Fourth Pit: Rent Loan

Do you think that’s it?

Strong middle players are more powerful, and there is a group of people who not only cut leeks at both ends, but also want to eat interest on both ends.

What if most people don’t want to pay so much every year? Lie them into borrowing loans.

Some rental platforms use “deposit one to pay one”, “free check-in” and “monthly rent in installments” to attract young people who have just entered the society and are struggling.

Your picture is the discounted hundreds of dollars, and what people greedy is your principal.

The intermediary will use the tenant’s identity information to apply for an online loan, and the online loan company will pay the intermediary all the rent of the tenant at once. On the surface, it seems that the tenant still pays monthly, but in fact the intermediary has already received a full year’s rent.

In order to earn commissions and referral fees from small loan companies, intermediaries will try their best to persuade you to use loans to repay your rent. Many people even take small loans without knowing it.

Once the funds collapse, the rental platform can run away, but you lose your money and have to repay the loan, or you may have to ask for credit.

The small loan company earns interest from you, the landlord earns rent from you, and the intermediary earns commission and price difference from you. If you run into a middle-level fund in Lu Ziye, then, teenager, you are equivalent to collecting all With the Dragon Ball, it is time to summon the Shenlong.

Fifth Pit: Formaldehyde Room

The problem of formaldehyde, whether it is long-term rental apartments or personal housing, is prone to problems, especially the decoration boards of rental houses are generally of poor quality, and the problem of formaldehyde is more serious.

In general home decoration, many people have to dry it for about half a year or even longer, but people who rent out the house use it to make money instead of living by themselves, so it is almost impossible to do this.

The “deep breathing” listing of such as the standard given is 30 days. The gap here can be imagined.

The formaldehyde room leukemia incident in 18 years of turmoil, everyone has to be vigilant.

When renting a house, you must observe whether it has just been renovated, try to avoid such a house, we ordinary people should not be a humanoid purifier.