Walking from my home to the mountain, you will pass two schools. The first school is Hongqi Township Central School, where my primary school is. After about half an hour walk inside, it is the fourth school in Hongqi Township. The village primary school, I have also been to this school. It is not very big. A circular two-story classroom surrounds the playground. In fact, I heard people say that the site of this school was not here, but not far from here. In a col on the mountain.

At that time, it was said that the foundations of the classrooms there were already laid, and only a little more than building a house. People brought in a lot of materials for building a house every day At night, a teacher was sent to sleep in the studio on duty to guard the building materials. That night, a female teacher in her early 30s was on duty. At night, the female teacher slept in a daze and wanted to go to the bathroom. So she took a flashlight and wore it. Put on the clothes and walk into the toilet. Since the school building was just started, the toilet is very simple: dig a 1,2-meter pit on the ground, put a few wooden boards on the pit, and then build a shed on it. There is a toilet.

When I came to the toilet, the female teacher squatted down. Somehow the female teacher felt a strange feeling, so she took a flashlight I took pictures everywhere, but found nothing. Inadvertently, she flashed the flashlight to the pit photo under her. “Wow” the female teacher screamed, she couldn’t care about anything, and hurried out. Because she saw Between the two boards, there was a pair of bare feet swaying back and forth there. The next day, the female teacher reported her experience up, and no one was willing to work there. The superior had no choice but to bury it. I chose another flat land to build this school.

My family has relatives living in the mountains. When I go to their house, the original site of this abandoned school building is a must pass. Although. It is buried under a layer of loess, but you can still see the shape of the foundation made with stones in the past. Whenever so, I think of what happened to the female teacher that night, and I am afraid of it!