Zhao Daming is the flight attendant of carriage 17. The train was stopped for a day and night due to the disaster caused by the earthquake. It was already midnight when the train passed through a small town not far from the earthquake zone. There were few people who got off the train and boarded the train. There were fewer people. Just when the door was about to close, a migrant worker dressed up came running out of breath. He was in his thirties. He was thin and bloodshot. His face was full of grief, and his body was dirty. He was carrying one. A heavy suitcase with a lock. Seeing him, it made Zhao Daming easily think of his brother. His father left early and his mother was sick again. It was his brother who worked hard to earn money for him to go to university all the year round. The suitcase was very heavy. Zhao Daming reached out to help. The man didn’t appreciate him, and blocked him with the hand holding the ticket. Zhao Daming couldn’t help laughing, and said in his heart: “Don’t you see who I am?” br>

The train started to start, Zhao Daming returned to the carriage and saw the migrant worker carefully put the suitcase under the seat, and then sat on the seat. Next to the migrant worker was a man and a woman. She has a beard and is talking very enthusiastically with the migrant worker. The woman lowered her head, but the wig on her head was eye-catching. There are thieves on the train during this period, and passengers often lose things. Zhao Daming has made up his mind to protect the passengers’ belongings. There must be very valuable things in the migrant worker’s suitcase. It is the hope of a rural family. Don’t let the culprit lead the sheep, otherwise, he feels sorry for his brother. Therefore, every time Zhao Daming looks in the car, he involuntarily scans the box twice.

At more than four o’clock in the morning, Zhao Daming was awakened by a mobile phone alarm. After washing his face, he went to the car for inspection. Passengers are the most sleepy at this time, so thieves are called “prime time”. Zhao Daming walked to the migrant worker’s seat and couldn’t help but glanced at the suitcase. Suddenly he found that the suitcase was missing. The migrant worker was leaning on the seat and sleeping soundly. The man and woman who had been sitting next to the migrant worker were gone. The box was clearly there when I got off the station last time. Zhao Daming touched the seat, it was still warm. In order not to startle, he did not say anything, but carefully searched the box of the migrant worker and the two suspects.

There is no carriage. Zhao Daming went to carriage 18 again, and there was no carriage 18. Zhao Daming went to carriage 19 again. He did not find the migrant worker’s box, and his conscience was disturbed. Just when he was about to be disappointed, Zhao Daming suddenly found the two suspects in a row of dimly lit seats in the carriage. Although the two slept together, Zhao Daming recognized the woman’s wig at a glance. , The key is that the suitcase is also there. Zhao Daming was overjoyed. He pretended to be okay and walked to the junction of the train carriages, hurriedly used the walkie-talkie to call the police, and secretly watched the two men in the dark. The two people stayed for a while, seeing that there was no movement, and then sat up. The man took a tool out of his arms and opened the lock on the box in a panic, while the woman looked at the wind. The man opened the suitcase and screamed, and the woman gave him a blow. The man hurriedly pulled the boxHe whispered a few words to the woman, then pushed it under the seat, pulled up the woman and left. At this moment, two policemen arrived, and Zhao Daming and the others caught the two suspects who were about to get up and flee. When they arrived in the interrogation room, the two refused to explain. When Zhao Daming brought the box to the two of them, they appeared panicked. Zhao Daming asked sharply: “I want to quibble, what’s the matter with this box and what’s in it?” The two people waved their hands again and again, saying that the box was not theirs. Zhao Daming returned to carriage 17 to find the migrant worker and asked him to confront the culprit.