What kind of feeling is the auxiliary breast

In life, some women are often troubled by accessory breasts. Accessory breasts are excess breasts, which are distributed under the armpits or pre-axillary areas. Some have nipples and breast tissues, and some do not have nipples but breast tissues. What is the feeling of accessory breasts?

Accessory breast is a kind of underdeveloped tissue. Like normal breasts, after being affected by sex hormones, premenstrual pain will also occur Circumstance, but also get hyperplasia, cysts and other diseases. If there is no obvious discomfort, no treatment is needed. If there is persistent pain or enlargement, surgery is needed to treat it.

The incidence of accessory breast has a great relationship with gender and heredity, and the incidence of females is relatively high. For women with accessory breasts, they need to pay attention when buying underwear. Buy sports underwear or non-marking underwear with a slightly larger cup, which is more comfortable to wear and will completely cover the accessory breasts.

Although accessory breasts are redundant breasts, some affect people’s health, and some do not affect health, so more observation is necessary. Get treatment in time. For women, breast expansion exercises are needed frequently, which is more conducive to breast health. And keep a good mood. When you are in a bad mood, talk to people more or go for a walk, and don’t be affected by bad emotions.