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In the first half of 2020, there have been many major natural, political, economic, and cultural events at home and abroad, most of which have been called the rare occurrence in a century. One wave after another has not settled. These events are not only related to everyone’s daily life, but also have a profound impact on the future. “Living not long enough, I can see everything” has become the most helpless and true comment this year.

Affected by the new crown epidemic and global political and economic changes, China’s current market patterns and consumer attitudes are undergoing unprecedented drastic changes. Some short-term changes become long-term habits, and a large part of the habits will be retained in the future, which will permanently affect consumption patterns.

In this “extraordinary period”, we interviewed thousands of young consumers, collected a large amount of social dynamics and industry data, grabbed comments and barrage from various Internet platforms, and finally extracted the current young consumption The ten sentences of the real mentality of the consumers are slightly processed and expressed on the basis of the original words of consumers. They concentrated on showing some interesting and unique phenomena in this period.

As an angel investment institution, we have been trying to discover variables to grasp the opportunities brought by structural changes. The investment research team of Tsingshan Capital has summarized the consumption trends reflected behind these ten phenomena. Some of them are contrary to intuition, but we believe that these changes are happening and will continue to emerge.

Life makes me more independent, and it also makes me discover that I don’t love you that much.

Offline live during the epidemicThe activities have been reduced across the board. People who used to think that they could not accept living at home have also been forced to adapt to life without going out for several months. The unimaginable full-scale online office or class scene has also become a daily reality. When more and more things can be done online that can only be done offline, the meaning of meeting begins to be reflected. Interpersonal communication gradually decreases, and intimacy begins to decline. It seems that staying at home and dealing with oneself and pets seem to be more comfortable and more worry-free than spending time communicating and socializing with other people. The relationship between love and marriage also has subtle changes in their mentality.

Online work and life, reflect on the meaning of meeting

The full onlineization of work and life is something that has been happening constantly in recent years. In 2019, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 900 million, and the Internet penetration rate reached 64.5%. The national e-commerce transaction volume reached 34.81 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.7%, of which online retail sales were 10.63 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.5%, and the online retail sales of physical goods were 8.52 trillion yuan, accounting for 20.7% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. . The market size of e-commerce infrastructure such as electronic payment, logistics, and information technology services increased by 38.1%. In 2019, online travel was 2 trillion yuan, online education was 310 billion, and online medical care was 134 billion. Among them, Ping An Good Doctor, the leading online medical company, has annual revenue of 900 million, an increase of 109%, and registered users of 315 million, an increase of 18.9%.

During the epidemic, the online penetration rate of retail consumption and entertainment content has further increased, and education, medical care, business meetings, and even entertainment, wine bureaus, and family gatherings that are not suitable for online completion and the service experience is not perfect. Being put on the line, everything is possible. “The cloud” is no longer a futuristic concept in the minds of consumers, but is actually happening.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Shanghai fresh food e-commerce platform transaction volume reached 8.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 167%, and the order volume increased by 80%. Two months after the launch of the Tencent Conference, daily active users exceeded 10 million, and the monthly active users of zoom also exploded from 100,000 before the epidemic to 1.2 million. On February 3, Dingding’s remote office visits reached 200 million on the first day of the national start of construction, and Dingding’s users exceeded 300 million at the end of March. Dingding’s monthly active users increased by 73.8% month-on-month in February and increased by 371.5% year-on-year in March. During the epidemic, the daily activity of education and learning apps increased by 46%, and the penetration rate increased by 50%. At the end of January, the number of weekly actives in the online education app homework was above 20 million, and from February it exceeded 30 million and hit the 40 million mark.

At the beginning of the epidemic, 140,000 schools, 3 million classes, and 130 million students across the country completed their homework on Dingding. There are also statistics that show that college students’ test results after online lectures have improved compared with the previous semester. Whether an offline meeting that requires more time, money, physical and psychological costs has the necessary meaning has begun to be reflected. Everyone can say that many scenarios should be replaced by more efficient methods. This makes many social behaviors in relationships begin to produce a loosening and reshaping of cognition. Loneliness, this innate normality that the public does not consciously want to avoid, is becoming more and more reasonable and acceptable.

Become accustomed to living alone or living alone, the need for intimate relationships decreases, and the expenditure on interpersonal communication decreases

Whether it’s married, having children, or being single, or in love, home living and living alone in small families or individuals are becoming more common, and “ineffective social interaction” and “social phobia” are on the lips of the new generation. The importance of the need for intimate relationships between a family or individual and other families or individuals begins to make way for other things, such as decompression at work, venting in entertainment, and good time at home. People are less devoted to their own real life in interpersonal communication. Gold and silver and equally valuable time.

More attention is paid to the living experience, and the demand for housewares and pets is rising

My “boudoir”, “doghouse” and “harbour” bear heavier psychological value. Since the time spent at home becomes longer, the experience needs to become better. The maintenance of the relationship between people has become “heart tired”, and pets have become psychological dependence and spiritual sustenance. The demand for home furnishings, underwear, kitchen, home cleaning, personal care home appliances, audio-visual entertainment equipment, pet food, supplies and other products has increased and the market has grown.

From December 2019 to May 2020, the top ten brands of Douyin and Kuaishou kitchen and bathroom appliances for the increase in sales on the whole network are mainly small appliances, and the products are fans, breakfast machines, electric frying pans, mite removal devices, and vacuum cleaners , Garment ironing machine, juicer and wall breaking machine. Jingdong’s pet products increased by 130% from New Year’s Eve to the ninth day. According to the question data known to Baidu since the epidemic, pets rank first, accounting for 21%.

Employment and financial pressures make it more difficult to enter and maintain marriage relationships

The number of recruited positions within one month after the resumption of work during the Spring Festival fell by 31.4%, and the number of jobs dropped by 28.1%. provided more than 1.2 million jobs for riders from late January to early June, of which 30% of the total number of new riders were delivered due to unemployment. After the overall economic growth rate has slowed down, the employment situation is severe, and a large number of companies have reduced their employees for a period of time, the family is (currently in most statistics) In the past, men who were relatively more proactive and had higher work incomes had a decline in their right to speak, and women’s responsibilities at home increased, and the originally balanced relationship was tilted.

A study found that womenThe pressure is greater than that of men, the young and middle-aged are more pressured than the elderly, and the married and child-bearing people are more pressured than the single or two-person world population. The process of women’s independence will be accelerated by the overall economic and living conditions of the society. The original balance of love and marriage requires new ways of cooperation and a mentality of getting along. How to better attract each other, establish and maintain relationships, new problems arise.

Now I think the aunt of the neighborhood committee is actually quite cute, eh.

The increase in recognition of observing order and respecting the rules is a common and significant change in the mentality of people across the country during the epidemic. Starting from the fact that the country has achieved global leadership in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the public’s pride in China’s political system, economic policies, and broader national culture has penetrated into more specific real life, manifesting in the public Understanding of order and social rules, and respect for various social workers and each other. The society has become more trustworthy, the atmosphere of mutual help, solidarity and win-win has also become a broader consensus, and consumer brands have begun to promote and emphasize this value.

National identity and national self-esteem have risen, more recognition of collectivism, more compliance with social order and public rules

In the face of major epidemic prevention and control problems shared by the world, as well as a series of related tasks such as social maintenance and economic revitalization in this extraordinary period and in an extraordinary environment, the Chinese government and people have united and delivered significantly better than other countries Answer sheet. In this process, both in terms of efficiency and attitude towards ordinary people, the public has felt China’s unique and almost unique lead in the world. The overall public opinion shows a high degree of recognition and pride for the country and nation.

The recognition of the country derives from a deeper understanding of collectivism, rule observance, order maintenance, and behavioral civilization required for the overall operation of the society, and actions are more obedient and conscious, and this mentality and actions have gradually evolved from major events Extending to daily life, the social and economic integrity is stronger, and there will be better mobility and initiative.

On a more youthful platform, you can also see the identity and pride of the new generation of young people. The number of fans of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in Bilibili is 6.96 million, and the video content has 1.14 billion views; the number of fans of CCTV News in Bilibili is 4.09 million, and the video content has 460 million views. “Things about the Rabbit That Year” (animation of modern and modern history that compares countries in the world to animals) has reached 2.8 million followers. There are 300 million plays. The play also gave birth to the classic barrage stalk for young people, “I will enter China without regrets in this life, and I would like to be at the flower planter in the next life.” Alias).

More understanding and respect for occupations that maintain society (medical care, military police, social work, security, etc.)

Short-term interests and individualistic micro-thinking have made many professions that improve social stability and efficiency at a macro level because they often give individuals the perception of “delaying time” and “increasing trouble” in specific events, and are often not Understanding and respect, on the contrary, often conflict and be criticized. Under the influence of major events such as the epidemic, they have a clearer understanding of the overall relevance of society, and they have also seen the hard work and selflessness of people in this type of occupation, and some are even the price of blood and tears.The people as a whole have more respect for the medical, military, police, social workers, security and other professional personnel who maintain society.

The brand must attract young people and emphasize that individuality is not a panacea, it can also be a collective identity

After these various mentalities have changed, the overall sense of social trust has increased, and the cost of friction has decreased. These changes in ideological and cultural trends not only have a potential deep impact on the economy, the market and individual consumption behavior, but also have a direct impact The expression and content of many consumer brands in shaping their own culture and transferring values.

More consumer brands, especially those targeting young consumers or newly born start-up consumer brands, began to not only pay attention to the labels of personality, self, and rebellion, but also broadly and in-depth understanding, mutual assistance, dedication, etc. Incorporate into the promotion of brand value and the display material of brand concept. Products and brands that conform to and spread these ideas will also be more favored by consumers.

Don’t always say that living in a faraway place, I’m just now!

Many people’s views on happiness have been changed by the epidemic. The superior material condition is happiness, and now, as Sun Feng, a professor in the Department of Sociology of Tsinghua University, said: “Rough tea and light rice is happiness, and plain and ordinary is also happiness.” Poetry and the distance seem a bit far away, and living the small life in front of you seems to be life. The true meaning of. It’s okay to work hard, but for what? After rethinking the meaning of life, the meaning of consumption has also been redefined. To enjoy life and live out of yourself, I want what I like and want it now. This is the reality that more people want to grasp. Consumer demand for immediate stimulation and psychological compensation continues to rise.

Re-search for the meaning of life and consumption

Before the epidemic, there have been escalating trade wars, American flu, Australian wildfires, Canadian blizzards, African locust plagues, and British