• First of all, pharmaceutical companies can use the Dingxiangyuan Forum, Dingxiang Talents, and medication assistants as promotion channels to accurately reach the group of doctors. Dingxiangyuan Forum is the largest doctor community in China. Dingxiang Talents has published more than 60,000 clinical medicine-related positions and has more than 2.2 million professional resumes. Medication Assistant is a professional application for doctors under Dingxiangyuan, which has been included. Thousands of drug instructions, thousands of clinical medication guidelines.

  • Secondly, Dingxiang Open Class and Dingxiangyuan’s series of new media platforms can be used as an important platform for doctor education. Dingxiang Boka integrates Dingxiangyuan’s extensive doctors, medicine, channels and data resources, and is a doctor for medical professionals. One-stop video solution for education, medical and medical interaction.

  • In terms of patients and the general public, we will use the integrated capabilities of the clove digital marketing agency to promote pharmaceutical companies to reach more efficiently and increase their impact on the general public and precision patient groups, and ultimately help medical companies expand their presence in doctors, The brand penetration rate at both ends of the patient strengthens the awareness of medication use between doctors and the public, and fosters the habit of using brand products.

  • In recent years, China’s new medical reform policies have frequently appeared. With the gradual implementation of policies such as separation of medicines, consistency evaluation, mass procurement, and disease diagnosis-related groupings (DRGs), the “prescription outflow” has further accelerated, and the profits of traditional medicine channels have been squeezed On the other hand, in recent years, various regions have successively implemented the registration and filing system of pharmaceutical agents, clarifying that pharmaceutical representatives shall not undertake the task of drug sales. The era of traditional pharmaceutical companies relying on pharmaceutical representatives to drive sales has passed, and pharmaceutical companies are eager to find new market increments .

    The increasing challenges of traditional marketing channels and the rise of Internet hospitals have determined that the future imagination of pharmaceutical company marketing is more “outside the hospital”, and “digital marketing” has also become a promising response.

    Nowadays, under the dual effects of policies and the epidemic, the digitalization of medicine is also speeding up. According to Chen Baiping, a managing partner of Boston Consulting Group, during the epidemic, major pharmaceutical companies have significantly increased their investment in digital construction. Digital-related costs accounted for more than 10% of the total product input costs. The average number of pharmaceutical companies in 2019 Is 23%, this one in March 2020The number has risen rapidly to 40%, and it is expected to remain at 38% after the epidemic is over.

    However, under the digital trend, how can influence doctors more effectively, find users in the masses more accurately and widely, and become the marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical companies in new markets The core appeal of finding opportunities. In this regard, Dingxiangyuan gave a solution at the right time.