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According to the Hindustan Times, the Ministry of Interior of India has made a proposal to the Indian military last month to allow transgender people to apply for the end-of-year military officer examination as a “third gender.” The scope of declaration includes border police forces and other important tasks. Assistant officer.

This document is regarded by transgender people in India as a great step towards social acceptance, and it has also caused some discussion in Indian society.

But this concept goes beyond the borders of India, which makes people a little curious. After all, India is not traditionally a country known for shemales and transgenders. Why do transgenders here have such a strong social influence?

In fact, India has the largest group of eunuchs in the world. If you see a group of elder sisters with heavy makeup in India walking on the street wearing the traditional saris of South Asian women, their gait is enchanting and vigorous, but their faces are sharp and angular, their statures are powerful, and they have an indescribable feminine air. Then these people are probably the legendary Indian ladyboy-Hyjra.

India’s annual transgender and transvestite festival

is to serve these people

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Go down and become the messenger of God

Hajira means “person without sexual ability” in Hindi and Urdu, which clearly explains the characteristics of this group.

Most Hijra are forced to join,