How do the fine lines on the corners of the eyes produce

When reaching a certain age, some symptoms of aging often appear, such as a lot of wrinkles in the corner of the eye. This is a natural growth process, which is irreversible to some extent. After wrinkles, the whole person looks much older. So how do fine lines at the corners of the eyes produce?

In general, there are three main causes of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. The first is that the eye skin loses moisture faster, and this area is the thinner part of all skin. The water contained in it was originally low, and after the water was lost, it became very dry, and fine lines gradually formed. With age, the lines will look very obvious.

In addition, regular use of the eyes can also lead to the growth of fine lines on the eyes. If due to work reasons, or the eyes do not have enough rest time, long-term fatigue. The muscle contraction and relaxation of the eye muscles decrease, the skin becomes loose, and naturally there will be many wrinkles. The last reason is that the blood in the eyes has poor fluidity, which is often said that the blood cannot circulate sufficiently.

So in daily life, you must protect your eyes. If you are tired from work, you must give your eyes a proper rest. You can do eye exercises to promote blood circulation in the eyes, and those who have the conditions can also buy moisturizing creams specifically for eye care. Replenish moisture, antioxidant, make eyes full of vitality and reduce fine lines.