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Internet celebrity has become an adjective.

It is as big as eating, wearing, using, and living, as small as nail styles and camera software filters. Search for “net celebrity” in Xiaohongshu, and there are more than 300,000 notes that will ” All aspects of “Internet celebrities” are disassembled one by one to provide young people with photo samples.

Xiaohongshu “Net Red Wind” search page

It’s really hard to become an influencer. It’s much easier to take a photo like an influencer. Maybe this explains why girls are willing to follow similar photo styles.

But have you ever thought about where the “net celebrity wind” you see blows from?

The CBNData consumer station (hereinafter referred to as station C) found that in fact, every “net in net gas” photo is behind There is a price tag, from photographers to models, there is a whole assembly line behind the “net celebrity photos”.

Who is making internet celebrity photos

As early as 2018, Douyin relied on various online celebrity photography techniques to get out of the circle. Photographer Chen Xingxing was also the first group of people to enjoy the traffic dividend.

“Contrast color + flash”, put a plastic bag on your head to take pictures…

Which photo technique on Douyin have you tried?

In March 18th, Chen Xingxing took a group of photos of cherry blossoms to his friends with his mobile phone. After recording the screen and cutting it into a short video, he quickly won 1.4 million likes. “At that time, the (Tutorial) The content is still relatively small, I pushed the homepage for a week.” This video brought him 150,000 fans.

Now in the new Douyin search for “photograph”, there are more than 400 Douyin numbers with words such as “learn to take pictures” and “teaching take pictures”. The keyword is changed to “photography”, and the number of accounts has risen to more than 1,000.

For photographers, these internet celebrity photos are not only the content of the self-media platform, but also the source of their traffic.

Chen Xingxing told station C that the shooting business has high requirements on the photographer’s personal style. First of all, it must conform to the mainstream aesthetics. “When you shoot what you like, more people will find you”, but on this basis “It has to be different from others”, especially this year due to the impact of the epidemic, many filming work cannot be carried out. Douyin, which has a huge traffic, has naturally become an opportunity that photographers cannot miss.

You may not think that photographers have to chase the fashion in order to “chafan”. The models in the online celebrity photos are also “mass production”.

“Hangzhou oc model training institution” is such a specialized teaching “self-portrait, video,The organization of Douyin Street Shooting Video, the founder of “Zhang Qiongyao emma” introduced himself on Douyin as “a people’s teacher who teaches photography”.

In her comment area, some netizens questioned that “self-portrait should be taught too”, and some netizens recognized this kind of training, and felt that “photographing seems easy, but it is really difficult.”

The training courses for oc models are conducted in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. The tuition fee ranges from 6,800 yuan to 16,800 yuan, and one class can accommodate up to 35 people.

Furthermore, according to the customer service, “Enrollment requires an appointment one month in advance. 98% of the students come from other places to attend classes, and the farthest ones are from Xinjiang, Yunnan, Hong Kong, Europe.” All travel expenses and accommodation All students take care of themselves.

From the official Douyin of the oc model, this course is indeed very popular. The class is crowded with people, and the customer service will post one in the circle of friends every week.The graduation photo of the second course is not difficult for oc models at all.

But do so many people really need to learn to take pictures? Where are these “mass-manufactured” influencers?

The answer is not difficult to find. These trained online models mostly will eventually become models for clothing anchors, fashionistas and clothing merchants. Many students’ WeChat names contain “some The words “a woman’s dress”.

Hangzhou itself is known as the “net celebrity capital”, with MCN and clothing merchants everywhere. Institutions such as oc models take on the role of training and transporting the “reserve of internet celebrities”, and for students, the tuition fee of tens of thousands of yuan is equivalent to an admission ticket to become an internet celebrity.

oc model customer service often posts some clothing model recruitment in the circle of friends

Unable to become a full-time internet celebrity or model, and there are many ways to make money by taking photos, such as paid buyer shows.

Dylan, the operator of an original clothing online store, revealed to Station C that in fact, most of the buyer shows in online celebrity shops are fake. “Let them send the clothes back after placing the order and taking photos. Show 50~80 yuan, some models will pick up many stores (order), you may find a familiar face when you go to see.”

For small and medium businesses, Buyer Show is a very important traffic portal, so many organizations that specialize in buying buyer shows have been born. Dylan told Station C that these institutions are not difficult to find, “They will come to you after you open a store.”

Dylan has also tried to put hundreds of thousands of fans on mature Internet celebrities, and even once a female team player who participated in “Creation 101” sent a private message to them, wanting them to send a set of clothes to appear on the camera, butIt is “completely without goods.”

Similar to the “paid buyer show” marketing method in the apparel industry, in fact, it has long been popular in the beauty and snack industry. There are payment + product delivery, and simple product delivery. There are two modes of paying advertising fees.

This kind of promotion has almost no requirement on the number of fans of bloggers, but it needs to find some young and beautiful amateurs to “characterize” to create social voice for the brand.

Part of the promotion order on the Red Notice Mini Program

44, who has nearly 3,000 followers on Weibo, claims to be a “tail vertebra blogger,” and she has also accepted several paid trial promotions. Although the cost is not high, correspondingly, the brand does not have too many requirements for her implantation method. For students, it can be regarded as a high-quality source of pocket money.

Compared to launching top influencers or celebrities, this cooperation model has a lower investment cost, and the actual conversion effect of many amateurs is not bad, which is obviously more cost-effective for the brand.

In addition to taking pictures, how else can they realize it?

Back to the production side of the Internet celebrity photos, Station C counted the camera accounts with the highest number of fans on Douyin and found that they can be divided into two categories.

One type is an account that shares photography skills from the perspective of a model, such as “Muzimeng who loves to take pictures”, “Yuanyuan sauce”, “Little Yueyue’s photo magic”, etc. How to take pictures “shows leg length, thinness, “Xianbai” and shooting blockbuster films in “dormitories, stairwells, and flowers” are their common content directions.

This type of account has two attributes, namely, a beauty expert and a photography tutorial number. It can carry tripods, stabilizers, beauty makeup, snacks, and more.

The head MCN is also experimenting with photography vertical accounts, and “Yuanyuanjiang” under Yanzu Culture is one of them. Xinzhuo shows that Yuanyuanjiang’s live broadcast sales in the past 30 days have exceeded 95.88% of the anchors.

Although more than 80% of fans are young women, Yuan Yuanchan also has outstanding performance in carrying goods on 3C digital products such as mobile phone holders and selfie beautifying lights, which distinguishes her from others A feature of the face value anchor.

Picture source: Xinzhu

Behind another type of photography account are professional photography studios, apps, and photographers.

There are also a small number of accounts that can be promoted, but the commercial value is far less than that of the blogger himself.The model account and the quotation on the star map also verified this. “Zeyi Photo Teaching” has been counted as a head account among photographers, but the short video price of its star map is 20,000 yuan lower than that of “Yuanyuanjiang” whose fans are similar.

This type of professional photography account is often realized through photography tutorials, which are divided into three forms: online courses, books and offline face-to-face courses.

Station C found that there is a huge difference in the price of photography tutorials. Most courses are less than 100 yuan, but there are also many high-priced courses that charge tens of thousands.

For example, “Today’s Photo Studio”, which is the main ID photo, has an online class of 499 yuan / 16 lessons, and an offline face-to-face class costs 9900 yuan / 10 lessons. It lasts for 5 days and takes place in Zhengzhou. Students take care of themselves.

Left: the Douyin shop in today’s photo studio. Right: Zeyi’s photo-teaching merchandise window

When inquiring about the pricing basis at station C, the customer service of “Photo Studio Today” replied: “face-to-face lessons are expensive. Online lessons are recorded. You can also watch the online lessons yourself and ask the teacher if you have any questions.” /p>

Chen Xingxing told Station C, Because there is no qualification examination in the photography industry, the threshold for teaching has been lowered accordingly. “If someone likes your photo, you can start a class, 99 yuan, There are also 100 classes, and the entire training market is uneven.”

Although the initial traffic was obtained from “Internet celebrity photos” at the beginning, Chen Xingxing believes that the so-called “Internet celebrities” are actually unsustainable. “At least for photographers, there is no room for development. To put it bluntly, Everyone shoots like this, so why are you looking for you?”

44 believes that behind the trend of “net celebrity” is business, “you will be successful if you buy this thing, and it will be more beautiful to take photos like this. In fact, business spread this anxiety first.”


From photoFrom film artists, models to businesses, Internet celebrity photos create a kind of “popular” illusion, so that wind-makers can profit from it.

Take out your phone and learn to punch in a travel photo with the internet celebrity on Douyin, but after the photo is taken, what is left of this trip? Do we really get happiness from these photos?