This article is from WeChat official account:Eleven Finance and Economics(ID:caijingEleven) ,Author : Yang Liyun, the head picture comes from: Visual China

Since the implementation of the new tax exemption policy for Hainan Islands, the consumption data is beautiful, but there is no shortage of water. There is no price advantage, insufficient supply, and scarce brands.

Daigou, a major source of income for duty-free shops, has been severely cracked down by customs. Without purchasing agents, can ordinary consumers support the Hainan duty-free market?

Hainan refers to the journey of an “international tourist island” and the goal of creating a tax-free paradise. What are the shortcomings? In addition to the sea view, what else is Hainan’s attraction to Chinese people?

Rings, necklaces, watches… In front of the Cartier counter on the first floor of Sanya International Duty Free City, Xiaolan (pseudonym) pays and swipes the card, While using WeChat video to broadcast the entire billing process.

Recently, the duty-free city is crowded with people, and many of them are “live visitors” like Xiaolan. “When they take pictures, you know they are purchasing agents, and some of them are familiar faces.” A salesperson told a reporter from Caijing.

The reporter from Caijing came forward and asked if it was possible to purchase on behalf of others.