Everyone will say that I am very touched, but why I am touched and where do my tears come from? Everyone enjoys this state of being moved all the time, and is unwilling to take any further steps. This article is fromWeChat Official Account: One Seat (ID: yixiclub), speaker: Li Xiangwei (performance artist), title picture from Li Xiangwei

Free Pig

2020.07.11 Shanghai

Hello everyone. My name is Li Xiangwei. I am a performance artist and I live in Shanghai. My original plan was to work in Shanghai while preparing for further studies. Later, because of the epidemic, I stayed here.

Usually, I am an otaku who doesn’t like to go out. Only when I make works will I become a brave person. Next, I will unfold a few of my works and tell you a story about me.

Kicked up

The story should start before the college entrance examination. Before studying art, I was a science student. It was a particularly ordinary afternoon. Because I participated in the composition competition, the Chinese teacher asked me to go to the office to help him sort out the information about the competition. Because there was not enough time between classes, I skipped a physical education class.

But a very unfortunate thing happened, which was known to my head teacher. He hurried over and drew me to the corridor. I took two steps back with this momentum, and then he started to run, and what was waiting for me was a flying kick.

In that environment at the time, the whole atmosphere was very depressing, and many abnormal things happened every day. Looking back now, I should have been woken up by that kick.

Because I loved art since I was a kid, I naturally transferred to art class. During the art exam, I went to Beijing alone to study painting in a large studio. That studio will instill some artist’s dreams into you, and play “Perfume” and “Van Gogh” every day. I made up my mind at the time that I must pass the examination to the Academy of Fine Arts.

But the things before the exam are completely different from the kind of scribbles I used to like. You have to meet a certain standard to be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts. In this long process, my enthusiasm for painting was eroded. In the end, it only relied on a little bit of vision and fantasy for the Academy of Fine Arts, which lasted three years.

After entering the Academy of Fine Arts, I found that it was completely different from what I imagined. It seemed that the Academy of Fine Arts was not a particularly open and free environment.

At the time when I was studying, the media began to prevail. At that time, I thought that compared with the art gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts, the Internet seemed to be a more open, free, and fast platform. So I made a public account by myself, called 5041. This name comes from the last four digits of my Academy of Fine Arts student number.

I am not a contemporary artist?

After finishing the official account, I have not rushed to post content on it. Until one day in my sophomore year, I ate hot pot with a few friends, the whole personIt’s a little bit hilarious, I thought I must implement the original plan tonight.

I got home, took two graffiti boards prepared in advance, took spray paint, and unlocked a small yellow car. Here I want to explain a background. The undergraduate campus and the graduate campus of our school are connected by a series of buses, the 565 bus. Usually, many students take this bus to and from the two campuses. .

My plan at the time was like this. I wanted to leave a mark under every bus stop that 565 passed. At the first stop, Guangmei Living District, the mark I left was “I am a contemporary artist”.

At the second stop, Guangda Apartment Station, the mark I left was “I am not a contemporary artist.”

That’s it. In this way, I rode a little yellow car all the way forward. This is a bit like a youth idol drama, in which the infatuated man and woman holding a rose, muttering to herself, she likes me, she doesn’t like me.

In that evening, every stop sign passed by the 565 bus became a rose petal that I guessed the mind of my admirer. But the answer I got in the end was, “She doesn’t like me”.