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Boys learn underwear design, girls learn body restoration, e-sports majors cannot play games in class, food majors may not be able to cook…

Wuhan Civil Affairs Vocational College Funeral Major

Communication University of China E-sports major

Special Police Specialty in Nanjing Forest Police Academy

Recently, the first domestic professional documentary film “I am an XX student” revealed the secrets of more than 30 unknown and unpopular majors, which aroused heated discussion on station B and Weibo. Major colleges and universities have begun to recruit students on the barrage, and the comment area has also become the site of recognition for students of the same major.

Chen Yuhan, the chief director of the documentary, was born in 1989. Most of the members of the production team are post-90s or even post-95s. During more than a year of shooting, they traveled all over the country, visited dozens of universities, hundreds of majors, and compiled a special “Guide to Filling in Volunteers for College Entrance Examination.”

“In such a special college entrance examination season, I hope to provide some help to the candidates.”

Beijing Institute of Technology Department of Armored Vehicle Engineering has the opportunity to experience real tank driving

“I’m an XX Student” was produced by Station B. It took two years from planning to completion. It took two semesters to focus on shooting, and a total of 22 universities and 32 majors were shot. Each major took 2 to 3 protagonists, and finally chose the most moving story. Through the actual experience and explanation of the protagonist, the audience can learn about an unpopular profession in 10 minutes.

The chief producer explained the origin of the film’s name: “There is no word that can represent the diversity of this generation of young people’s professional choices. Just use’XX’ instead. There are various Possibility.”

The truth is also true. In the fourth episode of the documentary, the various professions have already made the audience dumbfounded: “So there is such a profession?”

Death experience class for funeral and interment professional

Funeral major:

Modern funeral technology and management profession, the employment rate has reached 100%, but the annual graduates do not exceed 600. There are only 5 colleges and universities offering this major in the country, and the production team of “I am an XX student” contacted one of them: Wuhan Civil Affairs Vocational College. On the day of the shooting, the door of the classroom was a mourning hall, and the film crew couldn’t help being a little scared.

The protagonist Cai is also a small and courageous girl. She wanted to study medicine, but the score was not enough, so she wanted to learn a similar technical major, so she chose the funeral major’s antiseptic cosmetic surgery direction, learning how to repair, stitch and make-up the deceased’s body, which is the real version of Japan The movie “The Enemy”.

This major not only needs to overcome psychological obstacles, but also requires knowledge of various subjects such as anti-corrosion, human body structure, and superb technical level. In order to improve his skills, Cai Yi took the initiative to go to the Wuchang funeral home next to him for an internship from the beginning of his freshman year, learning from the best antiseptic and plastic surgery teacher in the funeral home.

According to the director team, Cai Yi once sent them photos of his work, and the director did not eat for a day after seeing it.

“I am a XX student” also took a death experience class for the funeral and interment major. A classmate lay in the coffin. Everyone performed a set of exercises in accordance with normal funeral standards. The classmates who lay in it experienced this feeling. This is to enable them to understand more deeply what their future work means.

E-sports professionals cannot play games

E-sports major:

With the vigorous development of the e-sports industry, e-sports-related talent training has also become a hot topic. In 2017, Communication University of China opened a major in e-sports under the academic name of Digital Media Entertainment. This is also the first 211 college in the country to offer a major in e-sports.

The protagonist, Hu Yifan, knew that Zhongchuan had opened this major three months before the college entrance examination, and he forced himself to become an art candidate, and made up his mind to pass it. One is because he likes to play games, and the second is to consider that the e-sports industry is a sunrise industry in the future. As the first batch of college graduates, there may be good job opportunities in the future.

E-sports competition control room

The e-sports major does not train game players, but trains comprehensive talents in the management, operation, and marketing of the e-sports market. The content of the exam is also the same. Hu Yifan made a lot of preparations for this, studied hundreds of games, deeply analyzed e-sports competitions, and finally took the art test in advance and got his wish.

Underwear design major:

The first story of the documentary is a boy who studies underwear design. The protagonist Wan Chendong is a junior at Xi’an Polytechnic University. The school’s clothing design and engineering majors in underwear design are among the best in the country. Every year, many boys choose this major. They have suffered a lot of pressure from the outside world, but they have always maintained a passion for professionalism and a correct attitude.

In addition to women’s bras, underwear design also includes men’s underwear, swimwear, home wear, pajamas, etc. Because it is the most suitable layer of clothing for the human body, in addition to the knowledge of clothing design, underwear design also needs to take into account ergonomics and ergonomics, and there can be no errors of one millimeter.

The first episode records the process of Wan Chendong and two male classmates going to the underwear shop to investigate. Visiting underwear shops is a daily routine for students majoring in underwear design. As a boy, Wan Chendong is always able to get strange eyes from passersby. Because of his handsome appearance, he was questioned by passers-by about his gender.

After three years of training, Wan Chendong can now calmly discuss bra materials, steel rims and cups with classmates. Wan Chendong likes watching anime and playing games. He will also look for inspiration for underwear design from anime and games, and put on his own designed cos clothes to show.

After the broadcast of “I’m an XX Student”, Wan Chendong received a lot of invitations from the media and variety shows, went to the hot search on Weibo, and even contacted him by a brokerage company, but his goal was still to take the postgraduate entrance examination. The underwear major is still in its infancy in China, and the number of teachers and students is very small. Wan Chendong doesn’t care what others think of him, he just hopes to take his professional path well.

Crayfish cooking major:

In 2017, Hubei Qianjiang Lobster College became popular online because of the establishment of the crayfish cooking major. Qianjiang Lobster ScienceThe college is affiliated to Jianghan Vocational College of Art. It was founded in May 2016. It is the first vocational and technical school in China that specializes in the lobster industry and issues officially recognized college diplomas.

The protagonist Yu Dashuang was one of the first students enrolled in this school. The first lesson in school is dealing with lobster. Yu Dashuang couldn’t bear it at first. He felt that this was “life-threatening”. After cutting 200 catties of lobster, he gradually became numb. Shrimp cutting, knife skills, and spooning are their basic skills.

The school stipulates that students are not allowed to change majors, but they can sign a “triple-party agreement” to guarantee employment when they enroll. Before graduating, Yu Dashuang’s class has been taken away by major restaurants, and he is about to go to work in a restaurant in Beijing. Their scattered meals are Australian lobsters fried by themselves, and the ingredients are collected from the school lobster breeding base.

Yu Dashuang revealed in the documentary that crayfish cooking is not as simple as everyone thinks. In addition to learning more than 130 lobster dishes, courses in lobster farming, nutrition and management marketing are also required. “I can work in the kitchen in a chef’s uniform, and I can be a manager in a suit,” Yu Dashuang said proudly.

In addition to these four majors, tea studies, wine making, cultural relics restoration, jewelry design, special police, martial arts routines, armored vehicle engineering… these unpopular subjects that are rarely heard or half-understood are all presented in the documentary. , Comparable to a special “Handbook for College Entrance Examination Volunteers”. Some netizens “blame” the film in the comments, “Why didn’t it come out a few years earlier?”

Tsinghua University Department of Architecture

Department of Archaeology, Peking University

This is exactly what the director Chen Yuhan hopes to achieve. Many people have had a period of confusion when they were teenagers. When they applied for volunteers, they always reported whichever profession they got. “If we can show younger children, there are actually many choices in this world, and maybe they will have a different life.”

The following is Chen Yuhan’s narrative:

Running all over the country for more than a year

We searched through more than 500 majors, selected 100 majors we are interested in, and conducted the first round of external research. I also tested several stories and adjusted them in advance. Over the past year or so, the entire director team has been running around the country. Although 22 colleges and universities were presented in the end, the number of schools actually investigated at least doubled.

The major we want to shoot is not necessarily a niche major that you don’t know about. It may also be someone you’ve heard of, but you don’t know what you will learn in this major or the sub-disciplines of this major. In fact, in universities, the degree of subdivision of majors may be unimaginable for outsiders. For example, sports training majors will detail ice hockey, martial arts and so on.

Beijing Sport University Sports Training Major Hockey Direction

Professionals are the first and people are the second, but only people can give professional vitality. In the choice of the protagonist, what we value is whether the protagonist has a unique understanding of his profession and whether he can express himself.

The process of finding someone is difficult. At the beginning, we were like flies without a head. Through relatives and friends, online solicitation, etc., we hope to find at least the target major classmates first; later, in the process of exploring, we thought of contacting the school, asking the school to help us recommend some, and then we will learn from it. To filter.

The second episode of the documentary is about art students. Our diversity director has visited almost all art universities in Beijing. It took half a year to select the four current protagonists.

Beijing Opera Academy, Peking Opera Major

I was very impressed by the new robotics engineering major at Zhejiang University. We have been waiting for this major since we learned the news. We caught the first batch of students when they first entered school. After our investigation, we found that this major is not for assembling a robot as everyone imagined. A series of disciplines such as automation, machinery, programming, and mathematics must be studied, and the score requirements are very high.

The archaeological profession built a house for 7 days, and we went with him for 9 days, eating and living with them every day. For the arts and crafts of cultural relic restoration, it may take a few months to make a work, so we will do it in batches.

When I was shooting for the funeral profession, I entered the classroom as a mourning hall, and then I had lunch in the funeral home. In fact, everyone was quite scared.

The biggest thought after shooting: Learning is really important

We have a lot of majors that we wanted to shoot, but we didn’t make it for various reasons. For example, the Chinese Han and Tang classical dance major of the Beijing Dance Academy has restored a dance art of five thousand years in China, which is different from all other dances. But when our project just started, they graduated for the last time, and this major was merged into a course in the major of classical dance. I really regret that it is not enough.

There are many times when we are rejected because the subject thinks that learning is more important. For example, at Peking University, we wanted to shoot a paleontology major with only one student. In the end, this student declined our request for shooting because he believed that the focus of his life was to do academic research. I think this is very respectable.

Wuhan University, major in Chinese Studies

After making this documentary, I have greatly improved many majors. For example, everyone thinks that the funeral and interment major is quite scary. In fact, after the filming, it was discovered that many people who studied this major had suffered some traumas due to various reasons when they were young, so they wanted to bring this major to the families of the deceased. Comfort, they are actually a very warm group of people.

Zhejiang University Tea Science Major

I have been doing traditional documentaries before, and most of the time I shot older experts and artists, focusing on some relatively heavy subjects. When making this film, I can feel that the younger generation of children have their own love and pursuit. Many older people may not particularly understand, but in their world, this is a dream.

After the film was broadcast, I received a lot of thank you letters, from college students to high school students. Many people say that this film has opened their horizons, which is what I want to see most. If there is a chance, I hope this documentary can continue, and shoot the second season to show you more professionalism.

Jewelry Design Major, China University of Geosciences

I myself came from a small city in Inner Mongolia. At that time, our popular majors were foreign languages, law and management, and everyone went crazy and reported those majors. If I knew that there were so many majors outside, I might study harder and work hard for what kind of person I would be and what kind of career I would pursue in the future.

I have two deepest thoughts about making this film, which I want to convey to everyone: One thing is that learning is really important. There are so many opportunities and resources in a good university.

The other is that you must open your horizons during college, go out and do more things, so that you can be seen by more people.

This article is from WeChat official account:one (ID: yitiaotv) OF: I Han Chen, editor: Lu Yuhan, creative section from station B