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After watching “Thirty Only”, many people were irritated by Lin You. Lin Youyou was dubbed by netizens as the most incompetent dog-skin plaster type three in history: if you have no job or career, you will be stalking. It is incomparable to the original partner Gu Jia, who has a kitchen under the hall, and even the apartment he lives in. Huanshan paid the rent for one year.

Is also a junior. In “The Temptation of Going Home” that swept the country ten years ago, Ellie is more capable. With a background of studying abroad, she has her own beauty salon, and raises her son alone abroad. Even without Hong Shixian, she is an independent woman who can do well.

People lament that the world has changed again. In the past, derailment still needed the reason of “small three ability”, now derailment is derailed, and even the derailed object has no advantages. Even the scumbag has separated the chain of contempt, and people hate Xu Huanshan’s muddleheads even more. “Hong Shixian is at least as scumbag, but Xu Huanshan, heh, scum without knowing it will eat soft food.”

Looking back at the history of the transformation of the image of Chinese primary three on screen, we will find that the “Chinese-style primary three” has undergone a transformation from good to evil, from multiple to dull, and from colorful to monotonous. The domestic drama’s discussion of marriage relationships has also become an encyclopedia of women robbing men.

In the 1990s, the third party in the “positive” image

In the 1990s, the golden creation period of Chinese TV dramas, extramarital affairs used to be somewhat romantic, and the image settings of third parties were also diverse.

In the 1998 TV series “Coming and Going”, Lin Zhu, played by Xu Qing, is a very charming junior. She has a cultural taste and knows how to enjoy life. She smiles and is full of feminine charm in every gesture. She was beautiful and enthusiastic, she was crazy and persistent in love, and resolutely chose to leave after learning that the divorce was hopeless.

The other lover Shi Yupeng played by Li Xiaoran is also a relatively positive third person. She pursued freshness, fancy dresses, and was the “new new man” at that time.

In contrast, Lv Liping’s original partner is somewhat eclipsed-she is arrogant to her partner, sarcasm at every turn, and she speaks yin and yang, which makes the audience unbearable.