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An article was posted on the public account last week about visiting the prototype of the “Pine Cage Walled City” in the Xing Ye Kung Fu movie-Longchang Apartment in Yangpu District.

Afterwards, I saw fans commenting in the backstage: “Jiu Ting’s subway is built on Jiujiu Youth City. What is the chaos? That is the Shanghai version of Kowloon Walled City.” And got a lot of points. Like and support.

In fact, it is not the first time that Jiujiu Youth Town has appeared in a message. This community that has been called for us to take a look many times has successfully attracted our attention.

Why is it said that Jiujiu Youth City is the Shanghai version of Kowloon Walled City? How does it have smoke and fire, and what is the chaotic living environment?

Hearing is fictitious, seeing is believing. In order to verify what everyone said, I took the 9th line to Jiuting to see whether the temperament of this community is as magical as everyone said. What is the reason for this.


This time, the magical experience that Jiujiu Youth City gave me started from Line 9.

thisThe premise that this community is called “Shanghai Jiulong Walled City” is not unrelated to its convenient transportation facilities.

The entire Jiuting is arguably one of the most advantageous suburban areas in Shanghai. Since the opening of Line 9 to traffic, you can reach Xujiahui in eight stations by subway, and the commuting time is less than half an hour.

Therefore, Jiuting Station of Line 9 during peak hours every day will crowd you into doubts about life.

Every day at around 7 o’clock in the evening, a large number of young people will take the subway back here from downtown Shanghai to the place where they live.

The community with the most tenants in Jiuting is: Jiujiu Youth City.

Jiujiu Youth City occupies the best and most convenient location in Jiuting.

As soon as I walked out of the subway entrance of Jiuting Station, I saw the skyline formed by two office buildings and eight apartments.

The building closest to the subway entrance is less than 100 meters away, and it takes only seven or eight minutes to walk from each building in the community to the subway entrance. There is no need to change trains to work, and you can walk home in a few minutes. This is simply the savior and favorite of office workers.

In addition, it is not only an apartment built on the subway, but also an open-plan community built on shops.

Therefore, there are no public facilities in the entire community. The most common are such shops along the street. All eight apartments are growing on top of shops.

We now see such a street, where various forms of business are gathered. In addition to going home and sleeping, it can be said that other life needs can be fulfilled on this commercial street facing the street.

Even the intermediary who visited the house said: “Jiuting Youth City has no other places to eat the most. I have not finished eating the restaurants in the underground shopping mall food street for several months. Some shops even did not eat. Closed down.

Because the snacks downstairs are everything, whether it is daily needs or transportation facilities are very convenient, when renters get used to the life here, people are used to not going downstairs to order takeaways, so now every building In the lobby on the first floor, there will be such storage boxes for takeaways.

The surrounding businesses can be said to be dazzling. In addition to the shops along the street, there is also a commercial complex on the subway. A Golden Plaza was opened on the opposite side of the community last year. It is said that the traffic volume reached 300,000 people on the opening day.

The high population density brings prosperity to business. But in many cases, the chaos of things starts from the crowd.


An open old community like the Youth City, and it is still a commercial and residential building along the street, external chaos is inevitable.

After on-site visits, because there are too many tenants, because after rounds of rent exchanges, the internal mess in this community is also a big problem.

The first thing I saw in the elevator hall was that two of the five elevators were out of use and were being repaired, making the situation worse for the elevators that were not easy to wait.

The first thing I felt when I entered the community was that the apartments here seemed to be prepared for rent. The house was rectified by various second landlords in a mess, and lost the original characteristics of the youth city.

Because it is a duplex, with a floor height of 4.5 meters, almost all 42-square-meter apartments in the entire community are divided into 3 bedrooms, which are convenient for renting. The density of residents is quite large.

There are a total of 8 buildings in the community, with 17 households on each floor. When you get off the elevator, you will see a walkway close to 20 meters long, which is very similar to the dormitory corridors of our middle and high schools.

Youth City is the tallest building of Jiuting. Standing on the top floor, you can overlook the entire North Jiuting. The window in the south bedroom overlooks the entire South Jiuting. People who are afraid of heights really can’t live here, because once the door is opened, this is the scene.

I was just standing on the 14th floor, and looking down, I was so high, my feet were a little trembling, and I didn’t dare to lie on the armrests for fear of falling.

The corridors in the community are relatively old and have lost the appearance of the Youth City. The messy environment has deducted a lot of points.

This community, which was delivered in 2005, was turned into a foreign-style duplex apartment by many people. Now, the overall appearance has changed from new to old, leaving strong traces of time.

“When it rains, fish can be raised on the balcony here.”

This is a comment from many people in Youth City before I set off. It happened to be raining in Shanghai the day before departure. As expected, even after seeing a few houses, the balcony was the scene of such a disaster.

Because all the balconies of the Youth City are exposed, water leaks crazily every time it rains, and the balcony water is very serious the next day.

Because the balcony is a public part, there is no one to clean and maintain it, and it has shown a pitted state.

Even the chaotic growth of various weeds is more serious.

At the same time, it also reflects that the house in Jiujiu Youth City has been vacant for a long time. Basically, it has either been rented out or has been handed over to Lianjia Ziru and is being renovated.

Basically, 90% of the community is tenants, and there are groups of tenants changing from group to group. Not only are the crowds chaotic, but also mainly foreigners.

There is a large living population here, but the community with more renters and many tenants will naturally not be well maintained.

“Is there no owner for self-occupation?” I asked the agency this question, because during the inspection, I met some elderly people walking around on the balcony, which surprised me.

The intermediary said that it does not mean that there is no owner-occupied owner at all. Currently, there are only one type of owner-occupied foreigners who are bought by their parents.

He said: “There are also self-occupied owners, but most of them are bought for their parents. Because commercial apartments are not restricted to purchase, many customers who bought the small two-bedroom houses next to them want their parents to live together. But if the funds are limited, just buy a small apartment here for parents.”

So the mixed living here is not only a mixed living with commercial and residential buildings, but also a mixed living with office workers and older people. The situation of the internal residents is very complicated.

In a community, when the residents are messy and old, it will be in such a mess for a long time.


Fortunately, Jiuting is the best location, chaotic in the mixed residential area.

The entire project consists of 8 apartment-style office buildings, 2 commercial office buildings, 1967 apartment houses, 226 apartments, and 59 centralized commercial shops.

Jiuting has a large number of commercial and residential houses and farmers’ self-built houses. This has become the best dwelling place for renters. Jiujiu Youth City is the most typical case.

Because the location is good, the subway is covered, the rent is cheap, the business is prosperous, and the open community…it brings unique advantages to the youth city, and at the same time, it has also caused the historical legacy of this community: crowd renting crazy .

thisHow crazy is the group renting in the town? From June 10 to July 25 in less than two months, Jiuting Town organized four large-scale operations to clear more than 200 households’ group rents, and nearly 40 A balcony was rebuilt illegally, and dozens of illegally installed LNG were also cleaned up.

Because there are too many small shops, the vendors set up beds in the shops in order to save costs and provide them as temporary living places for the attendants.

The community is an open-type community. Although the convenience of the open-type community is the most important thing, there are always problems such as people entering and exiting, many houses for rent, poor sanitation, shallow civilized consciousness, random construction, etc., and the environmental and public security problems are also relatively prominent.

Whether it is a subway cover, an open plan, or a mix of commercial and residential… are the important reasons why it is famous for its chaos, and it is also the real situation that we can see with the naked eye when we go to the scene.


Behind such a mixed-leasing group, the big reason is that second-hand houses are difficult to resell and prices are difficult to rise. Therefore, owners often choose rented houses as a source of income.

It is said that Jiuting is a low-lying land in Shanghai, and the housing prices in Youth City have never risen.

Jiuting is the sector closest to the city center in the entire Songjiang District. Relying on Line 9 and the fast-developing Dahong Bridge, the supporting facilities continue to mature.The average price of second-hand houses in Beshang Bay has exceeded 50,000 yuan, but why is Jiujiu Youth City cheaper?

In other words, why have the house prices not risen for so many years? House prices still stay at more than 30,000?

When I searched for Youth City on Baidu, everyone’s biggest doubt also came from its low housing prices.

For the same location, or even better location, the problem still lies in the product. After all, there are certain flaws in all aspects of commercial and residential apartments.

For a commercial community like this, the property rights are the same as office buildings, shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., which cannot be settled. If young people with registered permanent residence in other places buy commercial apartments, their children’s schooling will be more difficult in the future.

So, at a certain time, the owners of the year must face replacement. When it comes to replacement, high taxes and fees become a big obstacle.

First of all, I learned a piece of data. The first batch of owners who bought the community in 2005 probably cost a total of 350,000 yuan. After several waves of market increases, the second-hand listing price of Shanghai Youth City Apartments is now 160 It’s about 10,000, you can calculate, the transaction tax can reach 300,000.

Such transaction taxes and fees need to be borne by the buyer. It is conceivable that the transaction costs of commercial apartments, especially those with a certain age, are already scaryly high.

In addition, the cost of living involved in commercial and residential apartments is also a big problem. Residential apartments are mostly charged according to civil water and electricity standards, and the cost is relatively low. But commercial and residential apartments are different. Most of them are charged according to commercial standards and their daily expenses are also very large.

In addition, Jiuting has always been regarded as a gathering place for Shanghai’s rigid needs. It costs 40,000+ to Songjiang University Town in the south, Qingpu New Town in the west, and Jiading New Town in the north. Jiuting and these plates In comparison, it is closer to the Dahong Bridge and the outer ring.

Jiuting is close to the prosperous business districts of Qibao and Xinzhuang. At present, the average house price is only a little over 40,000, and it has been difficult to exceed 50,000.

There are two main reasons. One is that the school facilities are relatively weak. There is no good elementary and junior high school. Songjiang’s educational facilities are far behind Minhang.

The second is that the overall urban appearance is relatively general, especially the Nanjiuting section where Jiujiu Youth City is located. There are still a large number of low-rise old houses and factories, and the aircraft passes by, which makes the overall living comfort not high. .