Why is the emperor extravagantly spanked, what is it? At the beginning of the Jin Dynasty, the family background was too thin, and even the palace was built as quietly as the bandits. In the spirit of economy, Jin Taizu Wanyan Aguda solemnly made an oath with the officials: The property in the treasury can only be used during war. If someone breaks the oath, no matter if he is a male, he must hit twenty clubs. This iron order has been well observed. Until the death of Wanyan Aguda.
   At first, Wanyan Wu Qimai (the younger brother of Wanyan Aguda, Jin Taizong) was also very economical. His palace wall was a fence made of willow and elms. People who work in the front yard, live in the backyard, and the people who keep pigs and drive sheep can come and go freely in the front and back yards. Unless there is an important North Korean meeting, there will generally be no soldiers guarding it.
   The house can be rotten, and the clothes can be rotten, but you can’t even lose your wine, right? So, Wan Yanhao, who had been begging for a long time, finally couldn’t help it. One night, he secretly opened the door of the treasury, took some belongings and went out for wine, and had a nice drink. Later, when the prime minister checked the treasury, he discovered this and told his important minister Nianhan. Nianhan was not at all ambiguous, so he played the matter immediately. After discussion by the ministers, it was decided to punish this extravagant and wasteful “faint monarch”. They took Wan Yan Hao’s begging to buy with a support belt to get off the throne, and beat twenty sticks. After the fight, he returned to the throne, and then all the ministers headed by Nianhan knelt down to apologize.
  The matter has come to this, Wan Yanhao has no choice but to beg for a purchase. He can only endure the pain and drank the shocking wine brought by the attendant, and then forgive the ministers innocent.