It happened a few weeks ago. I was surfing the Internet at home. It was almost 2:00 at that time. I thought it was late, so I was going to bed.

When I turned off the computer, I climbed into the bed. Because I like to sleep on my stomach, I fell asleep on my stomach and put the quilt on my head. I didn’t fall asleep soon. At first, I was thinking about what happened on the Internet. After a while, I suddenly thought of what happened to my neighbor’s house…

Just at 7:00 today, someone suddenly discovered that there was a dead person in my neighbor’s house. At the beginning, I was surprised and thought who could not think so much. When I knew that the dead person was Boss Wang (Boss Wang is my neighbor). When I was nicknamed), I changed from surprised to unbelievable. After a while, I knew that Boss Wang was hanged. Although I don’t know why Boss Wang hanged himself, I heard people say that Boss Wang was a little bad mentally. But I know that the day before yesterday, I was surfing the Internet with Boss Wang in an Internet cafe, and I clearly saw that Boss Wang was in good spirits.

The reason why it was discovered that Mr. Wang was hanged at home was that someone saw the lights in Mr. Wang’s house been turned on for 6 days. So just now, someone climbed from his house’s window. Go in. As soon as he entered, he saw Boss Wang hanged in the lobby. At that time, he was terrified, so he ran out immediately. Several people saw him come out and asked him what happened inside. He lied about Boss Wang. The family was hanged, and the others couldn’t help being surprised when they heard that, they ran into Mrs. Wang one after another. As soon as he entered, he saw Mrs. Wang hanging in the middle of the lobby. He died peacefully, not like a hanged person, with his eyes protruding. The tongue sticks out of the mouth. Everyone was puzzled by the choice to hang himself at the meeting, but such doubts did not last long. Everyone started to contact the family and relatives of Mr. Wang separately, because Mr. Wang’s parents went out to work a few months ago, so they had to Contact his relatives who are closer to this first.

At night, I gradually fell asleep, and I dreamed of Boss Wang in my dream. I dreamed that he asked me to go to the Internet cafe to play games. , I was very scared, but for a while, I don’t know why, I actually started playing games with Boss Wang. I found out that I couldn’t control my body in my dream. I struggled, but I found it helplessly. It was all in vain. I could only let my body be controlled, and I was sure that it was Boss Wang who controlled my body. Not only that, I also clearly knew that I was dreaming now, but I couldn’t wake up.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that my body was heavy. After a while, I was surprised to find that I actually woke up, but the heavy feeling of body did not disappear. And it became more and more obvious that I just wanted to move my body, but I found that my body couldn’t move anymore. At first I thought I had some disease, so I wanted to curse a few words. After that, I became scared because I Found that I couldn’t speak, no, I shouldI can’t speak, because I can only make a whining sound, and I can’t just describe it as fear at this time. I began to despair, thinking if I was going to die. At this moment, I remembered someone I said that the dead old man can guard against ghosts outside at home, so I called my grandpa desperately, but now I can only make a whining sound, but I don’t care so much, so I have to whine repeatedly, whine. Screaming, I don’t know how many times I yelled. Suddenly, I found that the heaviness on my body disappeared, and I could make some simple sounds, but at this time, I clearly felt that I had come out in a cold sweat. , And because the pressure suddenly disappeared, my body relaxed. After a while, I fell asleep deeply…

The next day I got up, I I found that my underwear was already soaked, so I got up and hurriedly took a shower. Later, I learned that by last night Boss Wang might have been dead for 7 days, and it might have been Boss Wang’s soul-returning night last night.