Will cervical resection age prematurely

The cervix is ​​a part of a woman’s body and has a certain impact on women’s pregnancy. If a woman’s cervix has a problem, it will affect their fertility. Therefore, women should always protect their cervical health and do not ignore cervical problems. But some people want to know, will women age earlier after cervical resection?

The problem of female body aging is actually controlled by the ovaries in the body. As long as you ensure that your ovaries are healthy, in theory, women will not age prematurely. However, after the female cervix is ​​removed, it is still necessary to do a good job of nursing care, which is conducive to health.

After cervix excision, women need to pay attention to their own dietary adjustment work, eat some nutritious and easy-to-digest food appropriately, and there should be enough vitamins, protein, iron, etc. in the food. Can promote their wound healing. In addition, women’s bodies should take in enough water and eat more fruits and vegetables to keep their stools smooth and help their physical and mental health.

Women’s living arrangements cannot be ignored either. After the operation, women need to rest more, but do not stay in bed for a long time, which will easily affect the body’s blood circulation and is not conducive to body metabolism. Proper outdoor exercise will help women recover and reduce the incidence of intestinal adhesions. Moreover, after a woman’s cervix is ​​removed, she must go to the hospital for regular physical examinations to prevent other gynecological diseases.