Unlimited life, unlimited possibilities.

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In recent years, we have often heard a word called “the future has come.”

What will the future look like? There are a thousand futures in the eyes of a thousand people.

What will the future talent look like? I think that even if the talents are different, they must have some common qualities.

1. Good health

What is the biggest obstacle to success in life? Poor health.

Physical health comes first, and bet on health. We are eternal losers.

In the future, if you want to succeed and make some achievements, you must develop the good habit of continuous fitness and manage your health. This is the prerequisite for success.

Some people say that I don’t have time. Forget it, Mr. Lu Xun said, time is like water in a sponge, there will always be a squeeze. Don’t make any excuses for yourself anymore. After all, everything is possible only if you are healthy.

An entrepreneur in the circle of friends published an article on May 3 this year and set a fitness goal. Now, nearly three months have passed, and he is still continuing.

Are entrepreneurs not working hard? Isn’t he tired? Why does he have so much time? Of course it’s big, of course tired, and of course it’s no more than a second. However, when he was waiting for someone, he was able to do 100 push-ups on the lawn next to him.

You don’t have time, it’s true. It is true that people have time.

The company that has done a good job in this regard is Vanke. Vanke has a nickname “Vanke Athlete Co., Ltd.”. This is because since 2010, Vanke has begun to encourage employees to participate in and promote long-distance running programs and promote national fitness. .

Everyone at Vanke has the habit of exercising and fitness. This is also the first company to link the bonus of the management to the health of the employees. The company also has a personal fitness test every year. Teams with lower scores will be Deduct bonus.

When employees get better, they naturally have more energy to put into work. Vanke’s approach is too smart.

In addition to fitness, you also need to pay attention to your own sleep status to manage your health. Especially after the age of 30, people’s physical condition tends to go downhill.

A survey by the Chinese Sleep Medicine Association shows that 90% of young people’s sudden death\myocardial infarction are related to staying up late, and more than 70% of young people have the habit of staying up late.

Schopenhauer said: “The biggest mistake that humans can make is to trade health for otherThings outside of the body. “

For good health, I would like to remind everyone and also remind myself:

Don’t make yourself into the ICU, you don’t have the money to enter the ICU.

Second, the character is firm

The Perseverance Theory was put forward by the famous psychologist Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania.

She mentioned in the book that perseverance allows you to dedicate yourself to achieving small goals in a wise, determined, and focused way. At this time, the nerve sheaths in our body will also open up some channels to make us more It’s easy to remember and repeat those behaviors, making them our automatic habit.

The quality of perseverance continues to increase throughout our lives, which means that it is a quality of life experience that benefits from specific interventions and allows us to accumulate wisdom.

Persevere people seize every opportunity to become effective. Not only do they overcome procrastination, work hard when they have to work hard, and learn from setbacks; they also learn from past experiences, understand which field they are best at and how to use their strengths, and find ways to change themselves The most efficient.

How to be most efficient? When your body and brain are not in the best condition, don’t do important things and try to succeed.

The character is firm, and one more thing, I call it “the spirit of repeated defeats, to ensure that the spirit does not collapse, and mental health.”

Speaking of “failed and fought repeatedly”, Zeng Guofan is definitely the representative. He often said, “A good man fights and sheds his teeth and swallows blood”, “These two words are the secret of the rest of his life.”

Think about the sense of the picture, the smell of blood rushes over.

There is a sentence in the “Book of Zeng Guofan”, “Yu Gengxu and Xinhai were scolded by the capital and nobles, Gui Chou and Jiayin were scolded by Changsha, Yimao and Bingchen were scolded by Jiangxi, and the defeat of Yuezhou and Jingjiang The defeat of Hukou, the defeat of Hukou, there are many times when it will be defeated.”

In these three failures, he had a suicidal heart, but in the end he still “smashed his teeth” and “did it with blood”.

When Feng Tang explained this point, he said, “Zeng Guofan’s success is not from success to success, but from failure to failure, from failure to failure, from failure to failure, and from failure to the final discovery. If you fail, you will succeed.”

Why is Zeng Guofan able to achieve repeated defeats? It is because he is always able to practice continuously in reality and constantly become stronger.

As long as you have a strong heart, failure is nothing but a missed opportunity to try. Life is always looking forward. The more you look forward, the more opportunities there are, and the more opportunities there are, the greater the possibility of success. Less this time has no effect.

Speaking of mental health, let’s first look at a set of data.

World HealthAccording to organizational statistics (data in 2019), there are 320 million people suffering from depression worldwide, and the number of people who die from suicide due to depression is as high as 1 million every year. There are 9 million people suffering from depression in China, and the medical treatment rate is less than 10%. It is expected that in 2020 will become the world’s second largest disease.

Now, 2020 has passed halfway, and the black swan incident was encountered by all people at the beginning of the year, and it has not completely ended. This data can be imagined.

In such a high-intensity and high-operation world, every person with a strong character is a warrior. In the future, if you want to continue to display value, you must maintain mental health and not fear setbacks and failures.

Churchill once said that success has no end, and failure is not fatal. The most important thing is the courage to move on.

Where does courage come from? From the bottom of my heart.

People with a strong character will not be easily defeated by failure. For them, failure is just a stepping stone or even a springboard to success.

If you fail, the problem can be exposed, and the problem can be solved faster and better, and you can start better.

Three, can delay satisfaction

What is delayed gratification? It refers to the self-control and endurance that is willing to give up instant gratification for valuable long-term results.

In the 1960s, Dr. Walter Mitchell of Stanford University conducted a famous cotton candy experiment with a group of children. The doctor provides the children with two options: children who want to have marshmallows immediately can get one marshmallow; children who are willing to wait for a while can get two marshmallows.

The results of many years of tracking show that, compared to those who want to have cotton candy right away, those who are willing to endure for a while in order to get more rewards tend to develop better in their life journey.

M. Scott Parker strongly advocated “delayed gratification” in “The Road Few People Walk”. In the book, he explores that if you want to combat human weakness, you might as well postpone your gratification and reset it The sequence of happiness and pain in life, only to give up temporary ease and enjoyment, can you gain greater happiness in the near future.

The same goes for work. We can only reap greater achievements in the near future if we give up our immediate comfort.

Of course, true delayed gratification must be based on rationality.

The one who strictly implements “delayed gratification” in the current Internet circle is the Bytedance Zhang Yiming.

Less than a year after the founding of Toutiao, a giant gave him an attractive investment offer.

He recalled: “I refused after struggling for a whole week. I think this is a stimulant, which will cause the endogenous strength to be restrained before my internal strength is not achieved.