Can I drink milk if I eat folic acid

While women eat folic acid, in order to increase the body’s nutritional status, they often eat some other foods, among which many women choose to eat milk , Because the taste is better and can enhance nutrition, but some women are also worried that if the two substances are mixed together, will there be anything to pay attention to? Can I drink milk if I eat folic acid?

In most cases, pregnant women can drink milk after taking folic acid. There is no conflict between the two and they will not affect the absorption of each other, so there is no need worry. Pregnancy is a special period for women, and a series of changes will occur in the body. Diet during pregnancy is also very important, because it is related to the safety of mothers and babies. It is best to have a light and palatable diet during pregnancy and facilitate digestion.

Pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy must maintain adequate folic acid to prevent fetal neurological dysplasia. Drinking more milk at ordinary times can also help replenish protein and benefit the embryo development. It should be noted that alcohol is not allowed during pregnancy. On the one hand, alcohol will affect the effect of folic acid, and on the other hand, alcohol may have an impact on the development of the fetus.

The human body’s absorption of folic acid is easily affected by alcohol. Alcohol will excrete folic acid contained in the body, making it difficult for the intestines to absorb folic acid. In addition, some drugs, antacids, stomach drugs and estrogen drugs will affect the body’s absorption of folic acid, mothers-to-be should pay more attention.