It took nearly 20 years for my son to go from the village to the county teacher training to work in the county party committee. The son finally had the opportunity to go to Beijing and did what he wanted to do the most and bought a pair of shoes for his mother.
After returning, he immediately went home and gave it to his mother.
The mother heard that her son had bought these shoes for her in Beijing, and she laughed from ear to ear.
When the son returned to the county, he remembered that the vicissitudes of life mother could wear the shoes he bought and walk in the country, gathering the white hair on her forehead, and the son felt very warm in his heart. The son knows that only the mother in the world can give generously to his son. No matter what the son takes, he can’t repay his mother.
In the next ten years, every time his son returns home, he hopes to see his mother wearing the shoes he bought for her.
No mother. The son thought for a while, and figured it out: Maybe the mother is in the countryside and she would never wear a pair of shoes that her son bought back from Beijing for farm work, right? That would invite the folks to scold secretly: Are you so extravagant?
But my mother went to his home in the county town several times and didn’t wear that pair of shoes.
So in order to see his mother putting on the shoes he bought for her in Beijing, he went back to his hometown several times, including one time when his mother married a wife for the youngest son. But she didn’t wear it.
The son is a little depressed. He really hoped that his mother would wear those shoes. If it broke, he just bought it for his mother.
When the son was almost fifty, the mother finally died of illness.
The son asked his father: Are the shoes I bought for my mother still there?
Father: Yes.
Son: Why didn’t she wear it for so many years?
Father: She can’t bear it, she has always treasured it.
Son: Dad, can we put on these shoes for our mother today?
Father: No way, son.
Son: Why? Mom is gone, what do you keep your shoes for?
The tears of his son almost came out.
Father: Son, mother has been worried about you for decades, do you know what she is worried about you?
Son: I don’t know.
Father: She is worried about your carelessness.
Son: I am not careless at all, otherwise I will be admitted to school and work in the county party committee?
Father: But the shoes you bought for your mother in Beijing are all left-footed!
When my son heard this, tears rolled out!