Director Ma’s nickname is “Ma Liangdian”.
   His greatest achievement during his tenure was meetings. One-day small meetings, two-day meetings, and emergency meetings from time to time.
   In every meeting, Director Ma must make a critical summary report at the last critical juncture. I saw him staring with narrow eyes and dignified gaze. He shot a round at the venue, and the venue was immediately silent. Then he cleared his throat: “Yeah! Okay, okay, it will go well. Let me add two more points…” He couldn’t get off these two points for three hours. Once he came and went, people called him privately. “Two horses.”
   But unfortunately happened…
   At an emergency meeting, before it was his turn to add two points, he suddenly had a heart attack. He fell on the podium and never stood up again.
   In order to put his grief and inherit his fine traditions, the bureau decided to hold a grand memorial service for him.
   The memorial service was held as scheduled.
   First, the host announces the start of the memorial service. Sad and happy sounded in a low voice, and everyone stood in silence. Then the leader gave the eulogy, the employee representatives spoke, and the family members spoke… everything went in an orderly manner according to the procedures. The last item is to bid farewell to the remains. From then on, Director Ma will always say goodbye to everyone.
   An unexpected thing happened!
At this time, Director Ma suddenly sat up from the spiritual bed, opened a pair of small eyes “swiftly”, his gaze was dignified, and he shot a round at the venue. At once, half of the people at the venue were so scared that they fell to the ground with nothing. understood. Director Ma cleared his throat: “Yeah! Okay, well, it will go well. Let me add two more points…”
  The other half also lay on the ground……