Yun Hao is a man with a lot of love. He has had a lot of love affair, but it will not last long. But even if every girl knew it, she couldn’t help but stick to him. He is not very rich, but his handsome appearance attracts many ladies. Xi Yan is one of them.

I met Yun Hao on a rainy day. That day, Xi Yan forgot to bring his umbrella. Yun Hao happened to see him, so he gave his umbrella to Xi Yan, Xi Yan So I fell in love with him at first sight. The progress between the two was very rapid, and Yun Hao was obviously different to Xi Yan and other women. Yun Hao also confirmed that he was sincere this time, and Xi Yan was the woman he wanted to stay with forever. And Xi Yan always believed that she was the only one in his heart, so Xi Yan told her parents that she was going to marry Yun Hao.

Xi Yan’s parents agreed, and Yun Hao agreed to marry Xi Yan. However, their marriage was obviously not blessed by others. Many women who liked Yun Hao wished that Xi Yan would die to take her place.

On the day of choosing a wedding dress, Xi Yan met a very beautiful woman named Yuhan. She was very enthusiastic to help Xi Yan choose a wedding dress. After the selection, he said to Xi Yan: “We just saw it right away. Let’s have a cup of tea at my house later. Let’s have a good chat.” Xi Yan happily agreed.

When I arrived at Yuhan’s house, Xiyan found that her house was full of flowers and plants, and there was a kind of white flowers that bloomed so beautifully at this time. Xiyan couldn’t help but ask Yuhan. What kind of flower. Yuhan smiled mysteriously and said: “It’s the same as your name.” After that, he gave Xiyan a cup of hot tea. Xiyan sipped the tea and said happily: “It’s such a beautiful flower, I really like it. !”

“Hehe, isn’t it? You like it better.” Yuhan said meaningfully.

After drinking the tea, Xi Yan felt a little dizzy, and soon she fell on the sofa. After waking up, she found that her body could not stretch anymore, and she realized that she had become a flower. It’s the flower with the same name as hers. Xiyan wanted to cry, what was going on? However, she soon understood that because Yun Hao came, he still came with “self”.

Yun Hao said: “Xiyan, when did you live here? Why don’t I know?”

“Hehe, people Didn’t I want to give you a surprise. How do you like it here?” “Xi Yan” said.

“En, I like it very much.” Yun Hao replied absent-mindedly. When did Xi Yan talk to herself so hypocritically, he always felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t say why. He cast his gaze on the window sill, and saw the white flowers blooming in full bloom. They were as pure as Xiyan. He liked them very much. Then he said: “Xiyan, what kind of flower is yours, let me take it back to XinWould you like a reward for two days? “

“Okay, no problem. I will agree to all your requests. “Xiyan” said.

After bringing back the potted flower, he stared at a pure white flower in a daze, missing the old Xiyan, but why did she change so Is it big? Is it impossible to pretend to be for him before.

He and Xiyan’s wedding will be in a week. Yun Hao suddenly feels a little bored, he would rather be with this Hua was together and didn’t want to marry the Xiyan like he is now. It’s really strange, why did he have the strange idea of ​​being with flowers.

The flowering period of Xiyan flowers is very short, very It is about to wither. Xiyan in the flower shed tears as Yun Hao muttered to herself. Did he really see it?

The wedding head One day, “Xi Yan” came over. She took advantage of Yunhao’s absence, and said viciously to Xi Yan: “Huh, there is nothing I want that I can’t get. The last person with him is me. “

Xiyan felt that Yuhan was really sad, she sighed and said, “But it’s me that he loves. What’s the use of your possession of my body?” “

“You nonsense, my witchcraft will never go wrong, you wait, until the day we get married, as long as he wears the ring I made for him, he will Will fall in love with me. You are as stupid as other girls, and you were all used by me, haha…” Yu Han said arrogantly.

“You did this to other people? “Xi Yan can’t believe that Yu Han is so terrible.